What To Do If You Get Injured at Work?


No, we never want to get hit on our face by our colleagues. I mean who wants it? 

However, if something like that happens to you in this uncertain universe then what are you supposed to do next? To avoid the panic, here is the list of things that will cover your needs both financially and legally while also guiding you through other mental & physical first-aids necessary as per the accident. 

Get Your First-Aid Done With An Authorized Health Care Provider 

Whatever the reason, if you are injured then your priority is to give the injured part some first-hand attention so that it can heal itself up without getting any infection or septic attacks. 

However, the first-aid provider has to be authorized by the Worker’s Compensation Board, in the absence of any emergency. 

In case your employer is authorized to participate in programs like Preferred Provider Organisation (PPO) or Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) then in such cases you may be required to perform your treatments with particular health care providers. These health care providers may ask you to sign form A-9. This form is meant to provide notice to the injured worker that he or she may be responsible to pay the medical bills if the Workers’ Compensation Board disallows the claim or the injured worker does not pursue the claim.

This information should be provided by the employer himself in writing. The employer must also disclose all the details about the treatment procedure of any such programs. The cost of necessary medical services is paid by your employer or your employer’s insurance carrier if the case is not disputed. 

Inform Your Manager About The Incident

Explain the exact details of the incident and how it took place. This is an important step that should be completed as soon as possible. The injured worker should disclose all the details about the accident that lead to their injury, in writing, within 30 days of the incident taking place. If not done so, the injured worker may lose the right to get the Worker’s Compensation Claim. In case of an occurrence of a disease that was the result of the work they were doing on the job, the employer/ supervisor must be notified within 2 years after they come to know about such ailment. 

Fill Up Your C-3 Form For Compensation Claim

Complete your Form C-3 and mail it to your nearest Worker’s Compensation Board office without much loss of time. However, if by any means, you do not apply for the compensation claim within a maximum of 2 years from the date of knowing about any such ailment caused due to the work at the office or any incident that took place at work, you will lose your right to benefits. 

If you wish to know more about how to apply for such claims or hiring an attorney for the same, consider the experts only because one small wrong move and you are proved guilty of someone else’s offense. 

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