Understanding The Cost Of Rehab And Insurance


One of the main concerns many addicts have about going to rehab is the cost. They know it is very expensive to attend a rehab center program and are not sure how they will pay for it. The number one thing to remember is that many insurance companies will cover the cost or at least a portion of the cost of rehab. This is because an addiction is classified as disease and is treated as such under the insurance company guidelines. Many insurance companies will cover basic 12 step and non 12 step recovery programs. It is essential to understand why rehab costs so much and why it is worth it to attend. 

Urine Screenings

One of the main reasons that rehab center programs cost so much is because of the urine screenings. Urine tests get submitted in tubes or containers. While these aren’t the most expensive part, there are other aspects of urine screenings that up the cost. There are different types of drug tests for opiates and then a range of other drugs. These separate tests cost money. In addition, the computer tracking programs from the doctors to the screening companies cost money. 

The clinics that screen the urine tests must pay the employees and the storage facilities where the urine is kept cost money, as well. Lastly, there are thousands and thousands of people who go through drug rehab centers and each of them needs to have a urine screening done. It is important for recovering addicts to have urine screenings done to make sure they are staying clean during their rehab program.

Psych Evaluations

Another cost of a rehab center program is the psych evaluations. These evaluations generally take time, at least a couple of hours for each patient in the rehab facility. Sometimes these evaluations need to be done at the beginning and the end of the rehab center program. With the high cost of psychology and therapy, these evaluations can up the cost of the rehab center program. However, they are essential in helping to figure out whether someone has a dual diagnosis or figuring out whether someone needs more help than just overcoming an addiction.

Food, Room, and Board

When staying in a rehab center program, there is also the cost of the food, room, and board. It is helpful for recovering addicts to stay in the rehab center while they are getting treatment. However, it does cost more to stay on-site. This is because the rehab center must employee professionals to supervise the recovering addicts. They must pay for the utilities and cleaning of the rooms as well. In addition, they pay for the food each of the recovering addicts is getting during their stay in the program. Overall, this costs a lot of money. 

Other Counseling

At a rehab center program, there is generally individual and group therapy offered as well. The rehab center must employee therapists or leaders to run these sessions. Many rehab centers offer individual therapy to recovering addicts a few times a week or sometimes even daily. The group therapy might be every day as well. Hiring a full-time therapist or leaders to run the sessions costs money. 

Non 12 step recovery programs incorporate additional therapies to help recovering addicts express themselves and get support during their recovery journey. They may also hire massage therapists, yoga instructors, and SMART Recovery certified counselors as well. Insurance may not cover these holistic therapies like they do with the individual and group counselors. These types of therapies are not required, but they can be helpful. If you are worried about the cost of rehab, check with your insurance company to see what they will cover. If you don’t have insurance, there may be state-funded programs that could help you as well.

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