TV Wall Mounts: Safety Comes First


Whenever designing or rearranging your living room, the first thing you should keep in mind is, of course, the safety of your family members. Sure, a beautiful new design will boost the aesthetics of your interior in an instant, but unless the new design is completely safe for everyone living in your house – especiallysmall children – you should look for alternative solutions.

Today, we will be discussing something not a lot of people pay attention to when arranging their living room, and that is the best way to position a TV. Yes, some of you will argue that this is something people do tend to think long and hard about because the TV is usually the focal point of the living room. However, we’re not just talking about the best position for your TV unit but also the safest way to implement it in your interior design. Here, we are, of course, talking about wall mounted TVs.

Why mount a TV on the wall?

As already mentioned, the safety of your family members should be your top concern. That’s why, if you have a small child – or even a pet – you should definitely mount your TV on the wall, but keep in mind this is not something you should attempt to do on your own. No matter their size, flat screen TVs are much lighter in weight than the older models, which makes them particularly easy to tip over. So, to prevent unfortunate scenarios that involve your loved ones getting hurt and your equipment getting damaged, consider fixing your TV unit out of reach.

Furthermore, not only is mounting a TV a much safer option, but it will also provide you with some additional floor space. If your TV unit is mounted on the wall, it will literally take up zero floor space, which will allow you to implement an additional decor piece or storage solution in your living room design. This is also an excellent choice for smaller apartments where the lack of space already poses a potential problem.

Is mounting a TV on the wall difficult?

While this is something that’s not considered to be particularly difficult, you should refrain from attempting to do it on your own. A true nightmare would be finishing all the work only to realize that your TV is not leveled properly, which would require you to do everything over again. Another nightmarish scenario includes a TV simply falling off the wall due to an improper attachment which would both damage your wall and destroy your TVunit, and that is definitely something you wish to avoid.

Therefore, for both safety and aesthetic reasons, try to find experts who perform professional TV wall mounts in order to make sure that everything is done right. These pros will not only make sure that the entire structure is sturdy and completely safe to use, but they can also offer you advice on what the best height/position for your TV unit is.

Having your TV mounted in the right position will completely change your viewing experience, making it much more flexible and enjoyable.

What are some other advantages of TV wall mounts?

Some of the other advantages of TV wall mounts, aside from the aforementioned safety andpracticality, include elevated room aesthetics.

For example, you can choose to use your TV unit as an additional decor piece – when not in use – by hanging minimalist framed wall art around it. This will make your flat screen TV look like just another piece of the decor until you turn it on.

The colour scheme you should aim at can include all the shades of grey, black and white.

Alternatively, TV wall mount professionals will take care of all the wiring, hiding the unsightly mess away from sight. There really is nothing that can reduce the esthetic appeal of your living room design as much as tangled cables can, so this is another reason you should consider mounting your TV unit on the wall. Not only will this rid the room of visual mess, but it will also prevent any accidents that involve tripping over the tangled cables.

Finally, you can choose to hide your TV altogether, which will allow you to completely change the focus of your living room whenever needed. Simply hang a piece of wall art over your TV screen or hide your TV completely behind a closing cabinet.

This will help you shift the focus in the room from simple entertainment (watching a TV) to more active engagement (having a conversation with your guests).

These were just some of the reasons behind opting for having your TV professionally mounted on the wall. Aside from using the proper tools and equipment, the experts can help you determine the best position, as well as help you choose the best design for this particular area of the room.

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