Make your home a safer place with security systems


According to fairly recent statistics, about 2,5% of Australian citizens experienced at least one break-ins, but only 75% contacted the police for help. Also, in 2015, Australia has rated the 5th country with the highest chances of burglaries in the whole world. These statistics are quite shocking, so it is high time to start considering alternative methods of security systems. Of course, everyone knows the basics of keeping a home safe;

 Fortunately, here is an article on how to make your home a safer place with security systems. Read on and remember to take notes.

1. Take extra measures when it comes to the front door

To significantly reduce (and completely eliminate) the chances of a home invasion, start off by triple checking the safety of the front door. Due to the fact that the front door is the home’s main entrance and exit, homeowners need to take extra precautions and make sure that it is void of any possible weaknesses. First and foremost, keep in mind that the material of the front door should be either a solid hardwood or even better – made out of quality steel. Unfortunately, many homeowners tend to purchase lightweight hollow-core doors, which make the job of criminals a lot easier. Another thing that should be considered is installing a heavy-duty four-screw deadbolt strike plate, which is excellent for completely securing the entrance against an intruder kicking it open. Also, keep in mind that the bolt should not feature any exposed exterior screws!

2. Install wide-angle peepholes

We have all been taught to first check the peepholes when someone rings or knocks at the front door, but what if there is no peephole? Common technique criminals tend to use is knocking at the door and then entering with force once the door is half-open. To avoid this serious issue, experts recommend installing a wide-angle peephole.

3. Remember to secure the back door

Many homeowners tend to focus too much on the front door, and they end up completely neglecting another important thing, the back door. In fact, back doors need the same type of security as front doors! This includes installing deadbolts or other locks, strike plates and high-quality solid systems. Nevertheless, chances are that not all readers of this article are familiar with the types of preventative measures against burglaries and similar crimes. Luckily, Australians residing on the Gold Coast can inquire about reliable home security systems in the Gold Coast. For example, a clever idea is to consider installing a sensor alarm. In fact, a sensor alarm helps by notifying the homeowner if a window or door has been open.

4. Get your hands on a porch light

Sometimes visitors will come by at night at the strangest hours. In such scenarios, homeowners might look out the peephole, but since it is dark outside, the visitor will still be unrecognizable. To identify the visitor and make sure that he or she is not a threat, experts recommend installing a simple porch light. Interested homeowners can choose between either a regular outdoor light which is kept on during the whole night or a more expensive motion-detection one. Of course, the prices vary according to the quality and brightness. Remember, your safety is worth the extra amount of money!

5. Secure the shed

Even though the house may be considered the most valuable part of the property, homeowners should definitely be mindful of keeping the shed safe from burglars as well. Often, the shed may be a place where valuable items are stored, so it should definitely get an upgrade when it comes to security systems. Luckily, there are tons of devices on the market which will keep every tiny bit of the property safe and sound. For example, the Bluetooth smart padlocks are great against even the cleverest of criminals; it sends out alerts when someone begins to fiddle with it. Also, it unlocks when an authorized device is in range via Bluetooth (for example a mobile phone) and it is usually water-resistant (so you do not have to worry about crazy rain or snow!).

6. Be mindful of your Wi-Fi network

Securing a home is not absolutely complete until the Wi-Fi network is locked down. Were you aware that the home’s wireless network is a direct doorway to all of your personal and business information? In addition, homeowners who make use of home automation are put at high risk of making the house a playground for criminals. Start off by securing the wireless router and then continue with enabling WPA or WPA2 encryption. Another handy tip is to completely rename the home network or better yet; hide it from guests. Experts also recommend using reliable firewall software as well as antivirus or anti-malware. Finally, do not forget to change passwords and make sure that it is not something obvious and easy to crack. For example, stay away from generic numbers and nicknames because these are the very first ones criminals try out. Do you have children or minors in your household? If so, then it is also a good idea to install parental control software in hopes of eliminating the threat of cyberbullies or predators. Also, these software tools are great for assisting with limiting screen time and enforcing device-void family dinners.

In summary, homeowners need to take extra precautions when it comes to completely securing their properties against vicious criminals. Hopefully, by applying some of these tips, residents of Australia will feel safer and more secure at home. Have a nice day!

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