How to Protect Your Most Precious Items When Moving


Moving to a new location is an exciting prospect. The mere idea of it brims with potential, but considering how complicated the move tends to be, some matters can truly deflate one’s spirit. This is especially the case when, after the move, you discover that a particular item of great value has been damaged beyond repair. In order to avoid such incidents, here’s how to protect your most precious items when moving.

Start small

Every efficient move needs a pipeline and a plan, and yours can begin with starting small – pack all the smallest items into boxes, especially the ones that are valuable, s and don’t forget to mark them. Now, it doesn’t matter if these boxes are cardboard or wooden; the items inside can be damaged either way if they are not properly protected. This is why you should purchase Styrofoam beads and use them to “fasten” your possessions. This way, even if the box falls, there’s a high chance that what’s inside has remained intact.

Large items are not a one man’s job

Moving the bulkiest furniture is usually a challenge that creates most anxiety when one is faced with migration from one household to another. Still, even though you can manage your undertaking to a “t” and pack everything yourself, the removal of bulky items is not a one man’s job. You should definitely leave such matters to the pros, as the guys behind City Removalist, who not only insure every single shipment, but also help you with packing.

Always remember to discuss the matter of moving insurance with the service, as it is always within the realm of possibility for a damage to occur, even with the largest items that only look indestructible. Some of these bulky items can be vintage, truly rare, or really expensive, and it is important to make sure they are properly taken care of no matter how robust they appear.

Handle what you can yourself

Once you’ve determined which items are the most valuable to you, try to put them aside and manage them with extra care. It would be advisable to mark all the boxes, and especially the ones with invaluable items. You should probably handle these yourself – place them in your own car or a minivan and take them to the new location.

Before packing these items, place the ones that are the hardest to suffer some damage on the bottom of the pile and leave the most fragile boxes on top. If you have a trunk of a car at your disposal, packing them all there with a few additional pillows piled up is probably the best way to go about this business. The smallest valuables can be placed on the back seat of the car or, even better, below the seats.


There is an additional method to make sure your valuables are protected, and that is to do a photo-op of the items the night before the big move. It can be a tedious task, but it can be exactly the proof you need in the case movers damage something and yet refuse to admit responsibility. Truth be told, such situations rarely happen if you hire responsible and reliable removers that have a reputation to keep up.

Still, think of taking inventory with a photo session as another “layer” of protection you are adding to the proceedings. If you have a Polaroid at your disposal, this can make matters even easier. Now, when it comes to digital photography, there is also a timestamp of the date that can serve as an irrefutable proof; plus, you can create copies and even slap one of the copies of the same photo on the box to keep track of the items. It is one of many good organizational methods for the move.

Accidents tend to happen every now and then, but during the great domestic undertakings such as moving, these unfortunate incidents are practically a commonplace. You have to understand that it is nigh impossible to control everything, so even when an unfortunate matter such as this occurs, you shouldn’t despair. With these tips on how to protect your most precious items when moving, you’ll minimize the chances of damaging the valuables, but even if it happens, it is far from the end of the world. Don’t let such incidents spoil the excitement of moving to a new location!

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