Planning Your Moving Day? 4 Things You Need To Know


Are you planning a move to another location? Then you need to sit down and do some proper planning and take a variety of things into account. Efficient packing and choosing the right time to move are just some of the items that need to be on your checklist.

What you need to carefully think, calculate, and decide, is what kind of business for removals you are going to hire and what kind of moving insurance you are going to obtain. The fact is that many things can go wrong with your items, especially during an international move, so you need to be smart. Here are things that you need to know.

Keep the insurance cost low

The best way to find a good deal is always to do some research. You don’t necessarily have to buy insurance from your removals company, so go ahead and get as many quotes that you can from third parties. You should also sit down and think about which of your items really warrant insurance. If something is going to be hard to be replaced in your new location, then making sure that it is insured is a logical step, so you can ease your mind waiting for it to arrive.

You need to know that the reimbursement that you are going to get for damaged items is for the value in the location that you have moved to. Items that have sentimental value cannot be replaced anyway, so insuring them may not be necessary.

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Reduce the risks

In most of the cases, removal companies are very careful when they move your items, but you simply cannot ignore the possibility of an accident happening. Your goods may have been secured with strong packing materials like bubble wrap so that they are kept safe, but there are always risks that something will break, be it due to quick packing or removal, or an unloading that goes without a good strategy. To really make sure that the risks are covered, you need to either insure yourself with the removals firm, or, as previously mentioned, find a third-party insurance company.

Choose the right kind of insurance

According to professionals from Affordable Home and Office Removals, deciding the type of insurance that you need is crucial. It depends on your budgets, the final destination, and the goods that you are transporting. Every company has its own coverage terms, but most are certain to provide you with these:

  • Total loss coverage. This kind of coverage applies only if the entire cargo gets destroyed, and doesn’t account for individual items. This includes cases such as fire, sinking, and so on.
  • All risk coverage. In this case, any items that get damaged during the moving process will be replaced or repaired. There is full replacement coverage, which covers most of your items. They all need to be professionally packed, and you need to have a list of all of them, including their replacement values. On the other hand, there is lump sum coverage, which doesn’t insure everything, but only items to a specific amount. In this case, you list individual goods at a minimum price, which your provider determines.

Ask your insurance provider the right questions

There are certain questions that you don’t want to forget asking.

  • When it comes to making a claim, what are the deadlines and procedures?
  • Do they offer all risk insurance, making sure that the shipment is insured for its full value when it reaches the destination?
  • If there is a need for a claim, what are the applicable deductions? These are particular conditions where the insurance provider doesn’t have the obligation to pay. Such conditions include things like improper packaging or when the insured undertakes an illegal activity.
  • Does the insurance cover the service door to door, port to port, port to door, or door to port?
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In summation

Moving to another location can be a complicated endeavor, so you need to have all bases covered. One of the most important aspects of this process is finding the proper insurance company (if you’re not satisfied with the insurance that the removals company has to offer), choose the right kind of insurance, and ask all the necessary questions that will ensure that everything goes as planned.

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