Peace At Last – The 3 Steps To A Pest Free Home


Three Steps To A Pest Free Home

Nobody wants to admit it, but we’ve all struggled with pest control at one time or another. Overspraying with pesticides can lead to breathing issues, not to mention the unpleasant odor in your home. But it’s simpler than you think to create a pest-free environment for yourself and your family. Follow these three simple steps, and you’re sure to get rid of pests, without overdoing it!

Keep It Clean

If your home is clean, you are less likely to have a pest problem. Many varieties of insects tend to be drawn to bacteria and filth. Some things to watch out for include:

– Keep food covered at all times. Insects, mice, and other pests are often drawn in by the scent of food. Keeping things sealed, and keeping the kitchen and other serving areas clean will minimize the chance of pests.

– Keep garbage covered. Food means organic waste of all types, so make sure to keep your garbage covered, sealed, and out of doors whenever possible.

– Clean up animal messes. Some bugs hang out near your litter boxes, or pet food bowls. Make sure to keep these areas clean and disinfected regularly.

– Avoid standing water in your yard and home. It’s a popular place to find mosquitoes. Keep gutters, pet water dishes and rain barrels clean.

Make Repairs

In older homes especially, it’s common to find gaps and cracks in windows and doors. This risks more than your heating and cooling bills. Insects can enter the home through improperly sealed windows and doors, or damages to screens. Bigger pests, like mice, may chew through cracks in drywall or other places that might be in disrepair.

Screen doors are especially susceptible to invasion by insects, or being chewed through by determined mice and rats. So keep an eye out, and make sure to stay up to date with your repairs. Keeping your home in good condition isn’t just good for your bank account, it’s good for your family’s health.

Use Natural Remedies

If you’re worried about ventilation and exposing your family to harsh chemicals like the DEET found in insect repellent and pesticides, there are methods you can choose that don’t involve chemicals.

Lemon oil and eucalyptus makes a great natural insect repellent. Using lemon juice in your cleaner is a great deterrent for household pests.

Sound is another safe option as a pest repellent. Electronic pest control devices work effectively without chemicals by emitting a sound too high pitched for human ears. They’re a great way to protect your home against pests without harsh chemicals.

They carry very little risk, though they should not be used in rooms your dogs and cats live in. It may take some research to find the best electronic pest control devices for your family, but it’s a safe and effective way to ensure your home stays pest free.

Whether Fido brought home a tick, or a stifling hot summer led to an uncontrollable mosquito problem, we’ve all struggled at one time or another with pests at home. You want to do what’s best for your family to keep the pests out, but you don’t want to be exposing everyone to harsh chemicals.

Follow these three simple tips, and you will protect your family from letting the worst of the outside world inside!

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