Music Events Insurance – Things You Should Know


Music events are happenings where people like to have fun, dance and sing along with the performers. However, visitors and performers expect to be safe from any possible accidents, not to mention cancellations, bad weather or equipment failure.

No matter the size, every event needs to take care of the sustenance and utility facilities for the attendees. Every possible accident has to be prevented in advance and safety measures have to be in place if anything happens.

Event insurance is something that every music happening requires. However, what it will cover depends solely on the organiser and producer of the event. Additionally, the previous experience is also a valuable component to decide what type of insurance to have. So, here are some things you should know about insurance of a music event.

Concert liability protection

Liability protection is an insurance which will cover injuries to the third parties during the event or due to the activities of the said event. It will also cover the third-party property damages if it’s found that you are responsible. The insurance company will provide legal counsel and defense if a liability lawsuit is raised against you. Additionally, the policy will pay any claims that occur from the possible damages or injuries to the third parties or their property.

This type of insurance can include different coverage, all depending on what you intend to include. General liability will cover claims and lawsuits, liquor liability protects the host who provides alcohol on a non-commercial basis or vendors who sell it during the event. Auto liability covers damages caused by the company vehicle, while third-party property damage covers physical damages to all other property which doesn’t belong to you.

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Medical insurance coverage for concerts

Medical payments coverage is very important to have since it will compensate all injured parties during the event, other than your employees. This will not only include the period during the concert, but also concert set-up and tear down when all is done. Medical coverage is the type of insurance which is intended for anyone who is a non-employee of your business, like visitors, volunteers and other workers.

Protecting your investment

The financial aspect of the music event can be quite troublesome if stumble upon problems like concert cancellation or losing the income intended for certain purposes. Protection of your financial investment may include concert ticket insurance for covering costs if the tickets are stolen or the event cancelled.

If you own the event then you have to include event cancellation coverage. This also applies if you are the promoter of the event. If you lose your financials intended for salaries, or during the fire or severe weather conditions, then you have to apply for the loss of income coverage. Workers compensation coverage is required in most states and takes care of injuries or illnesses incurred during the job.

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Property damage to buildings and equipment

You have to protect your property as well during the music event. The damage caused to your property can come from fire, weather conditions and mistreatment. Even theft is something that the insurance will include. Of course, you will have to be clear what you want the policy to cover and what it will include in repairs and replacement.

First of all, make sure that your building is included in the policy. This includes offices and the venue where the festival takes place. Instruments and sound equipment you use during the festival sets you build and props used during performances, as well as costumes and wardrobe all fall under this insurance policy.

However, this policy includes the items you own and rent, so make sure you include them all. For example, if you rented and placed a photobooth for taking pictures on your venue, then the policy can cover any damages during the event.


As a person or business organising any event you have a responsibility to create a safe environment for every person who participates. This includes process before, during and after the event, as well as guests, performers and audience. The key to running a successful and long-lasting music event is taking into account all possible situations and managing it in a fair and law-abiding manner.

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