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Moonroof vs. Sunroof: What Are the Differences?


A sunroof is usually any sort of panel on the roof of a automobile that allows mild, air or each to come right into a automobile, in keeping with Kelley Blue Book (KBB). A moonroof is taken into account a sort of sunroof, however the primary distinction is a moonroof normally has a tinted glass panel, very like an additional window on prime of the automobile.

Moonroofs might tilt open barely to let contemporary air into the cabin, however gained’t open fully like a sunroof.

Some individuals use the term sunroof, some name it a moonroof, and others use each phrases interchangeably to explain this function. The delicate variations might have some clarification.


Typically, a sunroof contains two varieties of panels: One panel could also be manufactured from both steel or the similar materials as the ceiling of the automobile, and might be retracted to show the glass panel above. The different panel is manufactured from glass that may be both tilted open or fully retracted to primarily function an open window in the roof, says KBB.

These days, lots of at present’s automobiles provide a spread of various sunroof choices. According to Carite.com, the following are examples of a few of the varieties of sunroofs:

  • Pop-Up: A operated by hand tilting panel.
  • Spoiler: Features a panel tilts up and slides backward on the exterior of the automobile, offering a partial opening.
  • Top-Mount Sliding: Mounted on rails, the panel slides open on the automobile exterior.
  • Inbuilt/Moonroof: Typically electrical, the panel slides between the steel roof and inside headliner.


As talked about above, a moonroof is taken into account a sort of sunroof as a result of it allows mild and air by the prime of the automobile. But there are additionally totally different traits when it comes to materials and performance. Many instances, provides KBB, a moonroof will embrace an inside sliding shade or panel matching your automobile’s inside so you may shut the mild out.

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While they’re related in nature, there’s a distinction between a sunroof and moonroof. When you’re looking for a brand new automobile, contemplate these variations and select the choice that’s best for you.

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