Microjobs and Gig Economy: Earn Money on the Side


Microjobs are paid, short-term tasks or independent contracts. When you come to think about it, they seem more like gigs than an actual job. The term gig economy is pretty straightforward from there, as it suggests the market created around those kinds of jobs.

Since this kind of work entails small tasks for small fees in a small timeframe, they are an ideal solution if you’re looking for a side job. And as gigs like these go, they can ensure your financial stability by making you extra money.

Online Microjobs

Most microjobs are completed online. Service buyers usually look for professionals who can help them complete tasks they are otherwise not qualified to finish themselves. This type of outsourcing provides an ample opportunity for experts and freelancers alike, who can use these microtasks to boost their overall monthly income.

Freelancers make an entire living out of only doing these types of gigs. According to work culture expert Rawn Shah, this type of “fragmentation of work” is the future of productivity among individuals as companies start dividing their workload into bite-sized chunks. In doing so, businesses supply freelance workers with jobs, while reducing the number of repetitive tasks their regular employees are supposed to accomplish.

If you’re a 9 to 5 employee, you can earn money online by simply doing the work after your regular work hours. These tasks include work like photo editing, running social media, simple task management, code checking, and even filling in and editing Excel sheets. All it takes is a few more hours, and you are paid upon completion.

Crowdsourcing Projects

Companies use online crowdsourcing platforms to complete large projects by dividing them into really small tasks which are completed remotely.

Unlike other online microjobs, these are long-term jobs that can last several months. However, you still complete micro tasks, only you don’t switch between projects on a daily basis.

Instead, a project manager or team leader will assign tasks that need to be finished inside a particular deadline. Once you complete it, a new task is dedicated to you and the process repeats itself.

Real-World Micro Gigs

At the other end of the spectrum, a microjob can also include tasks completed in person. Same as online, service seekers upload job postings online and then hire people as short-term employees.

Unlike online work, these tasks cover any odd job you can think of that doesn’t require a specialized skill to complete. From manual work, like heavy lifting, plumbing, cooking, carpentry, and packing, to less physical jobs, like event planning, staffing, office administrative work and artist and crafts.

Moreover, jobs in the real world last longer in term of hours spent completing the task. For example, you might get a job planning a two-day event, but that means you will in all probability be working at least one 8-hour shift per day.

Interestingly enough, professionals who spend their days toiling in front of a screen choose these this type of work to get physical exercise they are deprived of during the week. It doesn’t hurt their motivation that they receive compensation for it.

How to Find a Microjob?

As mentioned, there is a lot of microjobs available out there. All you have to do to get one is know where to look.

When it comes to online projects, there are a lot of web-based job platforms that can get you hired on a project. The most popular ones include freelance platforms like Upwork, Elance and Freelancer, ads on Craigslist, and even job postings on LinkedIn.

With the expanse of gig economy, a new trend has taken shape and the rise of community-based job platforms that offer regular and microjobs in specialized fields. So, for example, a software engineer can find a posting on Indeed, while a graphic designer might be tempted to browse around Dribbble to find work.

If you’re looking for real-world tasks, TaskRabbit is a popular site that offers just that. The process is simple as all you have to do is apply online and wait to get a call for further details on the time and location when you start.

Take Action Now

What do you think about microjobs now? Are you ready to take the next step and get additional financial stability?

Whether you want to use the additional work as an alternative way to save money, or you want to make a complete lifestyle shift and become your own boss, extra cash always comes in handy. And with better financial health, you will find more freedom in other aspects of life, not just work.

Ultimately, a microjob is your entry ticket to gig economy and the future of the workforce. Extra cash always comes in handy, and it can be an alternative way to save money.

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