Keep your Pregnancy & New-Born Safer with Pregnancy Insurance


As per the National Family Health Survey or NFHS-4 record, only 16.7% of women from rural areas and 31.1% of women from urban India obtain proper health care during the pregnancy period. It is considered as the direct influencer of the significantly high incidents of maternal deaths across India; according to the World Health Organisation, almost 25.7% maternal death occurs only in India. WHO also revealed that perinatal mortality in India is 37.5%.

These astonishing data prominently place the importance of availing pregnancy care during the antenatal and perinatal period. Multiple health complications can incur during the gestation period, and almost all of these require immediate medical assistance and consequently high expense.

Thus, pregnancy insurance policy is often available to cover the extensive financial expenditures one might expect during pregnancy. This insurance policy comes with specific facilities tailor-made for the would-be mothers.

What is a pregnancy complication cover?

Pregnancy complication cover is an insurance plan that provides all required financial support that might be required to seek treatment if the insured individual faces complications during pregnancy. These policies also come with several benefits, which are discussed below.


You need to be financially prepared if you are considering any reputed hospital to avail medical assistance during an emergency, as the increasing cost of healthcare has significantly affected the expenditures. Fortunately, maternity health insurance plans offers financial security against expenditures witnessed during such situations.

  • High sum insured

At a nominal yearly premium, you can get a substantial coverage of up to Rs.50,000 to cover all pregnancy-related expenses.

  • Pre-hospitalisation

The insured individual can experience multiple medical costs even before being admitted to a medical institution. With pre-hospitalisation cover, all such expenses will be reimbursed to you. You can also get medical expenses against infection such as tetanus covered with insurance policies like the infection cover.

  • Hospitalisation

Pregnancy can come with critical conditions like gestational diabetes and ectopic pregnancy. Treatment of such complex conditions incurs substantial funding. You can get a sum of up to Rs.50,000 if hospitalisation is required due to any of the above-stated condition. Prominent insurance aggregators, like Bajaj Finserv, offer Pregnancy Complication Cover under their Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions, which compensate for any expenses witnessed during such medical conditions.

  • Hospital room rent

Reputed financial institutions offer room rent expenses of up to Rs.1,000 every day and ICU rent fare of up to Rs.2,000 per day, which can compensate against expenses related to room fare.

  • Post-hospitalisation

Pregnancy complications can incur medical costs even after discharge from the hospital. It can accumulate into a substantial amount. Post-hospitalisation includes all expenses related to medical care for both mother and the new-born. Moreover, you can also extend the coverage by availing insurance policies like tuberculosis insurance cover.

  • Doctor fee

Pre and post-natal period can attract large expenses related to doctor’s fee as both mother and new-born requires frequent diagnosis. Specialist physicians like Obstetrics and gynaecologist can charge a substantial fee, so is paediatrician and other experts. All these fees are covered under this insurance policy.

  • Medication fee

Similarly, a lot of medications are required during pregnancy and also before and after hospitalisation. New-born also needs several medications. This insurance policy covers the costs of purchasing such medications.

Moreover, medical expenses occur due to the above-said complication 15 days before and after hospitalization will also be compensated if you are insured under pregnancy insurance policy.

  • Treatment costs

Treatment costs are considered as the entire medical expenses, witnessed during, before and after you get hospitalized. It includes doctor fees, medicines, hospital room rent, ICU charges, transfusion, and all medical tests, and is covered under such insurance policies.

In conclusion, regarding the rate of mortality for not availing medical ailment during pregnancy and the inflation in medical costs, pregnancy insurance cover can be considered as the ideal financial security for any would-be mother. The affordable premium and large coverage allows all-encompassing benefit for the insured individual.

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