Millennials guide: How to start investing in digital assets


It is a new world, and a new age. The internet has been a household utility, not a luxury, for a very long time now. It’s part of everyday life, it’s everywhere. And yet, people still cling to old ideas, to the notion that it’s not real if it’s online. A website can be as much an important asset to a company as their vehicles, the office building they own, or the machinery the rent.

Indeed, you can get some online assets that you can invest in just like you would invest in real estate, for example, you can watch them grow, advance, and generate some income for you. Tangible investments, like setting aside some funds to get the newest equipment, can be just as valuable as upgrading your website. So, without further ado, below are ways you can make the most out of your digital assets.

Investing in a website

Any serious business owner needs to have a website. Just like a physical, actual home is an asset, so is your website digital home (or office) for your business. It’s a valuable first impression that needs to be utilized properly. Now, there are two elements to this.

First, the actual design. Just as your office speaks volumes about your company, so too does your website. A sleek and elegant home page, with fast loading times, professionally made makes you seem professional as well. Poor design, something that looks like it came from the nineties will make you seem outdated, even cheap and lazy. Compare this to having a nice, well-outfitted office, contrasted with a run down, dirty space, in a seedy part of town.

The other important aspect is actually finding your website. By investing in website marketing and SEO functionalities, you allow people to find your website sooner, and faster. The same way you would invest in banners, bench ads, posters, guerrilla marketing, so you would in this aspect as well.

Buying online stores

Just like you could invest in a real brick and mortar store, you can also invest in an online business. Understand that as tech matures, so does eCommerce software. And as the latter matures, so will the options online stores have. They will become more efficient, get more and more customers, more and more market access. Online stores will become stronger assets in that they will start competing with brick and mortar stores any day now.

So, if you invest in an online store, you get a place of commerce that has the entire world as its market, that has minimal costs and expenses, and that is consciously improving. Seems like a worthwhile investment to us.

So, seek out new business, like you would any “real”, physical ones. See if there are any up and coming stores out there, and offer to act as an angel investor. If you believe in their products and services, cover their marketing expenses, for example. If you truly believe in this business, why not just buy it? Make sure to get a good business purchase agreement drafted, double check their paperwork and accounts, and make the deal.

Apps and social media

Many companies now have dedicated, specialized apps of their own. Having access to the goods and services of a company in your pocket at all times is very useful, and quite vital for your success. If you have the option, and if you believe you can put this to use, invest in getting an app developed. However, there is another, even stronger digital asset that needs attention, and that is your social media presence. You need to think of your Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts as genuine assets that require attention.

Do you invest in networking efforts? Do you pay for seminars, courses, business dinners, and any other activity that leads to meeting new clients and people? What about a simple booth at a local trade fair, or brochures and leaflets? Well, you get all these functions, and more, by getting social media accounts and pages. These build your brand, and they improve your presence online. Just as you want to be visible in your community, you want to be seen online as well.


And there you have it folks, a guide on how to invest in digital assets, and just how important they are. Think outside of the box, don’t be grounded in regular, traditional business dealing. Understand that your digital assets are just as important as physical ones. Your website is your office, your home, and you should treat it as such. Invest in it, improve it, it’s a first impression you can’t do without. Think about your social media as a networking tool as important as investing in a seminar or a book. Finally, you can use an online store as a direct investment, as an extra asset, like real estate or an actual store you’re acquired.

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