Introducing Technology into Your Family Finances

When talking about creating, sharing, managing, and spending money, there’s no doubt that technology has brought many advantages. Technological progress never stops, and it has changed how we handle our finances today. For example, we don’t need to stand in long lines anymore, because we can use mobile apps to make or receive payments. Maybe we could say that we’re gamifying our finances, defining the term as “the application of digital game techniques to non-game problems” (the University of Pennsylvania). If you haven’t introduced technology into your family finances yet, we’ll give you a few solid reasons why you should consider making a shift from the traditional ways of handling money.

1. Keeping track of your family finances

Introducing Technology into Your Family Finances

By keeping track of your finances, you will be able to stay in full control over them. However, there are many things you have to think about, which can make the whole process difficult and somewhat chaotic. Today, we have apps that can give us an instant insight into our bank accounts. For example, Wallet is an app that allows you to construct your financial budget, as well as set your monthly income and expenses. You can also sync it with other devices, which would allow your family members to gain an insight into your family finances as well.

2. Eliminate standing in lines

There’s no need to waste time chasing your home estate agency or landlord. You can simply use e-banking services and eliminate the need to visit banks and other institutions, go through traffic jams, and wait in long lines just to pay your bills (which lasts no longer than 10 minutes). Get rid of that unnecessary stress, and realize that you can pay online with just a few clicks. Don’t be afraid if you don’t know how to pay rent online, because the apps are quite user-friendly and are easy to navigate. You don’t even have to spend hours in supermarkets shopping anymore – you can use the Internet for that as well. You could also save time and avoid impulse purchases by doing your research online and planning what you need to buy before going to the store.

3.  Finance apps for the little things

There are many things that can really drain your family budget if you’re not careful. Use technology to deal with these things by installing finance apps.

For example, you can share a grocery list with your family members through the OurGroceries app, which is quite useful if you’re shopping at several different places. By updating your grocery list whenever you make a purchase, your family members can keep track of it and know what needs to be bought and how much money they can spend.

4. Discounts and coupons

The biggest problem is often how much you spend and not how much you earn. If you’re looking for ways to reduce some of your expenses in order to save money, you should take advantage of discounts and coupons. There’s a plethora of apps that can find the best deals for specific products and services.

You can get notified whenever an item is discounted or save a discount coupon on your phone – even if you don’t need to buy the product at the moment. This can be very helpful once you actually need the product/service.

5. Financial calculations made easy

When figuring out your family budget for the future, the Financial Calculators app can really come in handy. The app has about 3-4 dozen calculators in total, which can help you calculate various things. For example, you can use its loan calculator to figure out your monthly payments and interest. The calculators range from an ROI (return on investment) to home buying calculator; a valuable tool for making smarter financial decisions.

The gamification of our finances will change the way we spend our money and learn new things. It can help us build or improve our spending habits as well, by providing us with an opportunity to calculate our exact expenses and prevent us from making impulsive, unreasonable, or unnecessary financial decisions. Taking care of your family budget is the ground principle of smart financial management.

It often seems that money issues are unsolvable. However, there’s always a way. Embrace the technology, find the apps that suit your needs, use the Internet to plan ahead, and take care of your family finances. The technology will soon become a crucial part of handling personal finances, so don’t hesitate to make the most of it.

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