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Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Gulab Jamun


One of many joys of travelling is you get to style completely different delicacies and meals. One of the crucial standard proper now’s Gulab jamun, a candy dessert you could find nearly in every single place in India. The concoction consists of a dough made up of milk solids blended with sugary syrup and flavoured with saffron or rosewater with cardamom seeds.

How is Gulab Jamun Ready?

Gulab jamun is sort of just like the desserts served up in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, though there are native variations within the preparation. In Nepal as an example, the dessert is known as Lal-Mohan and could also be accompanied by yoghurt, although it’s all the time made up of milk solids, and in India the milk is heated till water dissipates. Afterwards, the milks are kneaded, floured and moulded into ball-like shapes and fried at 148 C. Flavouring comparable to saffron, kewra or inexperienced cardamom are additionally added.


The dish’s color comes from the sugar used with the milk powder, so it typically seems brownish purple. Some variants put the sugar with the batter after which fried, giving it a really darkish color that just about seems black, and on account of its look this Gulab jamun variant is known as black jam. Whereas that is very fashionable with lots of people there are different methods the dish might be served up. As an example, the sugary syrup could also be substituted with maple syrup that has been barely diluted so it tastes in another way. Along with the commercially accessible Gulab, home made variants can be ready utilizing powdered milk, butter, baking powder and flavouring. The components are then added to a sugar combination and fried.


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The identify Gulab jamun is Persian in origin, stemming from ab (water) and gol (rose), indicative of the rosewater, suggesting these are the unique flavours of the dessert. Nonetheless, its precise origin is unclear although there are a number of myths and tales surrounding it. In all probability the preferred declare is that the dish was the creation of Sajjan Dhillon, a Sikh chef who ready it for the ruler of Punjab. No matter its origins are, it grew to become very fashionable within the Ottoman Empire, and immediately it is without doubt one of the most generally consumed desserts in India and is often served in weddings and particular events. The dish can also be served in the course of the Muslim celebrations of Diwali, Eid al-Adha and Eid ul-Fitr.

The truth that there are such a lot of variants of this dessert is a testomony to how standard it’s, and it is a good suggestion to pattern the completely different flavours. The very fact is you may’t journey in India with out operating into this meals, so give it a attempt. And if you happen to occur to go off to Pakistan, Sri Lanka or the close by international locations, you will get to match the completely different variants.

When you’re on the brink of pack your baggage and journey, remember to get comprehensive travel insurance. As soon as you have had your fill of Gulab jamun you will little doubt be partaking in different actions, so it is a good suggestion to get complete journey insurance simply in case there’s an emergency or you need to make pressing adjustments to your journey plans.

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