How to Ensure the Optimal Water Quality for Your Home


There’s been a lot of talk lately about turning our homes green and reducing the energy waste, but it seems that not many people are concerned about the quality of water in their own homes, or at least they’re not discussing it as much,which might pose a problem.

It’s extremely important that the water in our households is at the optimum quality because we use it to quench our thirst, prepare our meals, clean ourselves,wash our dishes and clothes, and so on. Therefore, don’t wait another second but make sure you provide your family with safe water every time they turn a tap on.

Most common issues

Some of the most common issues that can hinder your water quality include lead contamination – caused by pipes and other lead fixtures the water comes in contact with, as well as bacteria and algae growth.While there are now strict rules and regulations regarding the materials that can be used for piping, in every city and every town there are still some parts of the water system that are pretty old.

However,before you choose your next course of action, test the water from your household so that you know exactly what you’re dealing with.

What you can do

Once you’ve identified the issue, tackle the problem head-on and find the best way to get rid of it. There are several ways you can make sure that the quality of water you use in your home is at the optimal level. Here are just some of them.

Replace your pipes

The first thing you can do is replace your pipes. Of course, this endeavour will require a significant investment, but since you really can’t put a price on your or your family’s well-being, it is totally worth it. Additionally, there are alternatives to completely replacing your pipes, such as pipe relining, that are not as invasive or as expensive. Therefore, find the option that suits you best, and take care of this step as soon as possible.

Install water filters

By installing a reliable water filtration system, you can make sure that you have improved your water quality significantly. There are various water filters on the market, so find the one that can support the needs of your household and install it. Of course, maintaining and replacing water filter cartridges on a regular basis is something you’ll need to get used to but compared to the benefits of having such a system in place, this won’t pose an issue at all. The best part is that there are even filters you can install on your shower head to make sure that the water you use for showering and washing your hair is of top quality as well. 

Use cold water

No matter the issue you are dealing with, using only cold water for drinking and cooking will significantly reduce the possibility of potentially suffering any negative effects caused by contaminated water. The reason behind this is the fact that warm or hot water usually contains much greater levels of lead, and it presents much more favourable breeding grounds for various microorganisms than cold water does. Therefore, before having a refreshing glass of cold water, let it run for a while to make sure that all the hot water is definitely cleared from the system.

Therefore,if you’re suspecting that the quality of water in your household is not at the optimum level, get it tested as soon as possible. If you happen to have any of the previously-mentioned problems, make sure you deal with it in a timely manner to avoid potentially endangering your or your family’s health.

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