How to Ensure that Your Remote Employees Have the Best Possible Treatment


In the last couple of years, remote work has become a huge hit! Sadly, due to the global pandemic, this concept was pushed on so many companies that they sometimes find it hard to keep up. As it’s been more than a year since this craze started, a lot of people accommodated to working from home. 

However, one issue is persistent. Remote employees don’t feel as included as those working from the office! That’s why it’s your task as a team leader, manager or employer to provide your remote employees with the best possible treatment! How can you do so?

1. Encourage virtual learning

As motivated and hard-working employees value learning opportunities, it would be a good idea to provide them with such. But why should they be organised virtually? If you’ve ever been excluded from the group, you’ll certainly know how it feels to be left out. Since your employees are working remotely, not everyone will be able to attend in-person training or seminar!

So, instead of selecting employees who can physically be present, include all of your employees in virtual learning. As you don’t have to book a space or organise lunch, this is a cheaper option that will involve everyone in your team! On top of that, virtual learning sessions can be taped and watched later, which provides them with great revising material.

2. Provide equal benefits and equipment to everyone

Whether you’re working from the office or leading a team of remote employees, you should provide them with equal benefits and equipment. Even though it may not feel like it’s your responsibility to equip your employees with computers, laptops, phones or similar, they will certainly value having adequate assets to work with.

The main benefit of providing your team with remote equipment is increased productivity. If you know they have a reliable and working device, they are more likely to complete their tasks on time and be productive! 

3. Work-life balance still matters

Did you know that one of the most important work aspects for many employees is the balance between the business and personal life? A lot of employers expect their employees to always answer their phones and be available non-stop. However, such treatment will only lead to decreased motivation and productivity. 

What can you do? Even though working remotely allows them to create their own schedules, to prevent work-life mess, consider implementing working hours. That way you provide them with the much-needed structure remote work brings. Remember: just because all or some of your employees are working remotely, it doesn’t mean that they should be available 24/7!

4. Encourage a sense of belonging

Remote employees can commonly feel like they aren’t part of the team. As they are not physically present in the office with other employees, they feel like they are missing out, which can lead to decreased company loyalty. If you don’t want that to happen, pay more attention to your remote workers and encourage a sense of belonging. How can you do so?

Encourage online meetings rather than in-person ones. That will help your remote employees feel included. On top of that, don’t forget about the team spirit. Even though they are not physically together, remote employees love to feel like a part of the team. So, find ways to host and improve virtual team building activities that will make everyone satisfied. 

5. Nurture inclusive communication

Communication is an essential part of every team. However, it’s commonly known that certain obstacles can appear. In your case, it’s the fact that some of your employees are not physically present. Luckily, technological advancement has provided us with various means of communication with those who are far away. But are they reliable?

Sensitive work information can be stolen or misused if you don’t pay attention to safety. That’s why installing reliable intranet solutions will offer your team an opportunity to catch up, share files and information safely! By implementing intranet software, employees who aren’t physically together can feel like a part of the team.

6. Don’t neglect their health

Even though they aren’t working from the office, taking care of their overall health is essential. As working remotely may feel lonely or isolating, mental health problems are more common than they seem. Issues like that lead to depression, anxiety which affects their productivity and motivation. How can you prevent that?

You can’t be their therapist; however, you can pay special attention to mental health insurance for your employees. Besides providing them with funds they can use for their mental health, you’re providing them with opportunities to improve it and increase their motivation and creativity.


As you can see, treating your remote employees well will result in higher performance. By providing them with the best treatment possible, you’re increasing their productivity, retention and business loyalty which is very important for remote companies. So, don’t neglect your remote workers and make them feel like a part of the team!

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