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How to Cut the Cost of Car Insurance


Many people are spending more than they need to on auto insurance. Known how to cut the cost of car insurance can make all the difference in the world for the people who are trying to live within an extremely narrow budget. There are many different ways to cut the cost of car insurance initially and later in the process.

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    • Usually, accidents affect insurance rates for the next 3-6 years(its variate for each state and Insurance Companies)

      Generally, if you have an at-fault accident within a 6 year period, your rates will not be affected. Remember this too: even one-car accidents are considered at-fault by insurers. If you drive your car into a tree, and your collision coverage pays out, that’s rated on your policy as an at-fault accident, even though no one else was involved. If you get into another at-fault accident within that period of time, however, you will likely see a substantial rise in your insurance rate.

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