How to Choose the Right Computer for a Successful Career


Technology has become a vital, inextricable part of every business venture. No matter the size of your business, or whether you’re operating locally or on a global scale, you need a reliable computer to take your business from a great idea to a profitable brand. But of course, not all computers were created equal, and there comes a time in every entrepreneur’s career when they have to sit down and research the best option for their specific needs.

Yes, this can be quite a complex task, what with all the popular brands marketing their products as the best thing since sliced bread, and all of your tech-savvy friends having a different opinion on the best manufacturers out there. But don’t give up, here’s your ultimate guide to choosing the right computer for your business.

So, what’s it for?

Let’s start with the basics. Every job description requires a unique setup, and even though you’re the boss in this scenario, you will still need to optimize yours for maximum productivity on daily basis. For example, if your day mostly consists of putting ideas to digital paper, communicating with clients or customers, and managing your website, then something as flexible and versatile as a laptop might be best for you.

On the other hand, if you’re an entrepreneur who is building their company by utilizing a unique skillset such as 3D design, architecture, and programming, then you might need a more powerful machine. Something resilient and sturdy like a PC would do the job here, especially if you don’t need to carry your work around with you and spend most of your day in one place.

Both options have their pros and cons, so let your daily routine help you decide on the best rig for your specific needs.

Researching the best specs for the job

Arguably, the most important consideration for buying a new office computer should regard its internal specs. This machine needs to be fast, reliable, with plenty of storage space and RAM to execute every task swiftly and seamlessly in the background without disrupting your work.

To build such a machine without breaking the bank, you will need a fast hard drive hailing from the new Samsung SSD line of storage units that surpass best of the best in the SATA world. There needs to be a balance between quality and price here, so consider the tried-and-tested brands first.

Next, you should choose your processor. As always, the age-old war between Intel and AMD still rages on, both with their own devoted followings. You can choose your side by researching the cost-effectiveness of each brand. Typically, Intel processors are better for gaming, but AMD excels in overall longevity and comprehensive support.

Before you move on to operating systems, take a moment to consider the amount of RAM you will need to operate smoothly on a daily basis. For standard day-to-day tasks involving online browsing, communication, and media consumption, 8GB of RAM is more than enough. Of course, a complementary graphics card is also required for a high-end, seamless experience – your best bet would be to choose AMD Vega graphics for laptops, and Intel graphics for PCs.

Deciding on the right operating system

Another age-old debate with no end in sight is whether you should choose MAC or Windows – sorry Linux fans. The answer will, again, depend on your personal preferences and daily needs, as both factions are strongly opinionated and have solid arguments why their choice is the best in terms of quality vs price vs support.

To make things simpler for you, think of it this way: MAC is a beloved operating system among professionals looking for consistency. This means that you’re more likely to enjoy a seamless experience no matter what you’re doing (except playing video games), and that you’re less likely to experience bugs and crashes.

On the other hand, Windows is infinitely more diverse, versatile, compatible with every other device and software, and it’s cheaper. Where Apple tries to put you on a straight trajectory, Microsoft gives you the freedom to pave your own road to the finish line. The former puts you in the passenger seat, and the latter in front of the wheel. Nevertheless, both are sound options and there is nothing wrong with letting your budget decide which operating system to choose.

Consider the storage, battery life, and warranty

Last but not least, there are a few remaining features you want to consider in order to ensure a smooth experience during work hours. Storage is a vital component of any computer, and while you can keep your data on a physical storage device such as an external HDD, you can also keep everything on a cloud storage platform.

Next, consider the battery type if you’re buying a laptop. This computer is meant to move with you, and there are going to be times when you forget your charger, so you can’t risk the machine dying on you mid-work. And lastly, make sure the seller provides you with a comprehensive warranty package lasting at least a year, preferably more.

Choosing the ideal computer for your business is definitely no walk in the park, as it requires plenty of planning, research, and preparation to find the perfect machine for your needs. With these considerations in mind, though, you can go ahead and find that hidden gem that will help you build a thriving career as an entrepreneur.

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