How to Address Common Bathroom Plumbing Problems


Bathroom plumbing-related problems are what nightmares are made of. However, there are some of them that can easily be taken care of, the only important thing is to notice them on time. So, let’s see what some of the most common bathroom plumbing problems are and how to take care of them.

Clogged toilets

To start off with a bang, we’ve decided to mention the worst one first. Now, as nasty as this common bathroom plumbing problem is, it’s really easy to take care of. This issue can easily turn into a major disaster – overflooding toilet, leaks in the apartment below, etc. – if not taken care of in time. The two most common tools used for fixing this issue are a closet auger or a plunger, depending on the severity of the clog. So, as soon as you notice something’s wrong, grab a plunger and plunge all your troubles away.

Leaky faucets

Even though not as scary as the previous one, a leaky or dripping faucet is another issue you should take care of as soon as you notice it. Not only can leaky faucets waste a lot of water, but they can also be extremely annoying. So, to avoid having a Chinese water torture device in your home, inspect your washer and seat, as the leaks and drips usually happen when one or both of these become worn out. A neat little life-hack is using an old chewing gum to replace the washer but do note that this only works as a quick temporary solution.

Blocked or clogged drains

Blocked drains can also cause some serious problems if not fixed straight away. They can lead to leaks or even pipe-bursts if the pressure in the pipes becomes too great due to the blockage. Now, since this is something where you can actually do more harm than good if you try to fix it yourself, make sure you find reliable experts to help you take care of this problem. For example, this Canberra-based expert for blocked drains offers same-day services, so try to find a similar professional in your area to avoid allowing the issue to escalate further.

Low water pressure

If the water pressure in your home is not at the satisfactory level, there are a few things you can do to determine the origin of the problem. First, see if both the hot and the cold water lack pressure when you turn them on. If it’s just the hot water, chances are that the issue lies in your water heater. You should also inspect your aerators if you have them, because it often happens that they get clogged, thus reducing the pressure. If that’s the issue, leave them in a glass of vinegar overnight – or if you don’t have removable aerators, fill a bag with vinegar and tie it around the faucet or showerhead – because vinegar is excellent at dissolving various types of build-up.

Running toilet tank

Finally, this issue is more annoying and wasteful than t is dangerous, but that doesn’t make fixing it any less important. Therefore, if you notice that your toilet tank’s flapper valve is not closing properly after flushing or that your fill and flush valves are not working as they should see to it that you replace them as soon as possible. However, if none of these solves the issue, then the sediment build-up is most likely the culprit. If that’s the case, you’d better call a professional plumber to take care of the problem for you.

Eventually, we come to the conclusion that no bathroom plumbing problem should be ignored.  Therefore, as soon you notice that something’s off, assess the damage and see if you can take care of the issue on your own or contact the right expert to take care of it in your stead.

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