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Guinea Pigs – Characteristics of the Common Guinea Pig


Over the previous century, the guinea pig has grow to be a preferred pet in the USA. Whereas we’re all accustomed to this widespread animal, there are numerous details regarding it that aren’t essentially widespread information. Please learn alongside as we uncover and focus on some fascinating details about this widespread and loveable home pet.

The guinea pig has a really delicate bone construction. Due to this, their bones break pretty simply. Because of this, these little animals must be dealt with rigorously and loosely. By no means squeeze or hug a your pig tightly. Additionally, one should be very cautious to insure that these pets are usually not dropped from extreme heights nor allowed to leap from excessive surfaces equivalent to tables, chairs or sofas.

Guinea pigs have a complete of 14 toes. Every entrance paw has 4 toes and the again ft every have three toes. When guinea pigs stroll or run, they accomplish that solely on these toes. The complete foot rests on the bottom solely when the pigs are standing.

Not like squirrels, mice or many different rodents; when consuming, guinea pigs don’t sit on their haunches and grip meals between their entrance paws. Their fashion is to feed extra like a horse or a canine – merely standing on all fours and grazing out of a dish, a bowl or from the bottom.

Generally, cavies are pleasant, congenial and peaceable animals. Two females can simply dwell with one another with little or no battle. A male and a feminine almost all the time get alongside very effectively (though one of many pair ought to clearly be neutered to be able to forestall an in-cage inhabitants explosion). Two males, if raised collectively may also typically make a great pair. Nonetheless, if a brand new male is launched into one other male’s residence, there’ll most certainly be some hostile habits – no less than to start with.

Two males within the presence of a number of females are a nasty concept. They’ll grow to be fairly aggressive and adversarial towards each other as they compete for the females. Within the wild, cavies used to dwell in packs. The pack’s dominant male was the one male allowed to mate with any of the females. This elevated the possibilities of survival of the offspring as a result of it insured that the entire kids had been descended from the strongest and fittest male out there. Though guinea pigs now not exist within the wild, this holdover habits can nonetheless be noticed in our domesticated pigs.

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These animals have a really acute sense of listening to. Like canines, they can hear frequencies or tones above the human vary of listening to. Human beings can solely hear frequencies as much as 20 kHz (vibrations at 20,000 occasions per second) whereas cavies can hear frequencies as excessive as 33 kHz.

The guinea pig may be very dependent upon its very eager sense of odor. The cavy’s sense of odor is one-thousand occasions extra delicate and discerning than that of a human being.

The guinea pig is an animal that is quite common to most of us within the western world. And though it’s fairly acquainted to us as a household pet and as a laboratory animal, there may be a lot details about this little rodent that’s not generally identified. I hope that the newly-gained information from this dialogue will assist you to raised perceive the actions and behaviors of your personal pet guinea pigs as you work together with them every day.

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