Do I Really Need A Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan?


Do I really need a Medicare Supplement plan? This question might bombard you right after enroling in Medicare and have a Medicare part B. But before you haste in deciding, you have to know that getting a Medicare supplement plan is a very personal decision. Despite the additional monthly premiums you need to pay, going on your retirement with just Original Medicare and without a Medicare supplemental plan is not wise. The gaps in Medicare coverage is a no joke amount. If you don’t have a Medicare Supplemental plan(also known as Medigap) the amount of out of pocket cost you’ll need to handle can be staggering.

Are Medicare Supplement insurance plans worth it? Here are more reasons why you need it:

11 Reasons Why A Medigap Plan Is Right For You

#1 You travel a lot

Medigap can travel with you! About six types of Medigap plans offer coverage outside your state and even outside the country. It can provide emergency medical needs which Original Medicare don’t cover.

#2 You have a preferred doctor or medical facilities

In Medigap, you don’t have to leave your favorite doctor because there is no network of doctors or facilities that you only need to visit. You are free to consult any doctor or anywhere without worrying if they are on the network of your coverage.

#3 It is plain and straight to the point

Despite having ten choices of plans, Medigap is still plain and simple. It is plain and simple because benefits offered by each type of plans are the same across different insurance providers. Plans are standardized. Therefore companies don’t have the power to change or alter the benefits of any of the plans.

#4 You have pre-existing conditions

Medigap providers must accept you regardless of your medical history or pre-existing condition as long as you enroll during your open enrollment period. You should never miss your open enrollment period because it comes only once in your lifetime. To ensure that you’ll be able to grab the guaranteed issue rights, obtain a handy Medicare Supplement plan open enrollment guidelines handbook that you can get along with a Medigap quote.

#5 You avoid billing issues

In Medigap Plan, you don’t have to deal with frustrating billing issues. Insurance providers are the ones who submit claims to Medicare for reimbursements.

#6 You require frequent visits to your doctor

If you are a person who is always at the doctor’s office and requires consultation more often than not, then Medigap can be very helpful to you. Paying co-insurance can be expensive in the long run. So it is better to pay premiums for Medicare supplement plan and enjoy an additional array of benefits than endure the expensive amount of co-insurance everytime you need medical attention.

#7 You have to relocate plans

As mentioned earlier, Medigap can go anywhere with you. So if you plan to move to another location or state, then a Medigap might be best for you. It’s flexibility of not having a network of specialist also offers you freedom when you relocate.

#8 You realized your current plan is not for you

It is understandable to get confused about the many options available in the market. That is why it is very possible that you’ll end up with a kind of plan that seems to be promising at first glance but later you realize it doesn’t fit your needs. If you want to switch, do it within 12 months after you got your current plan to have a guaranteed issue right in Medigap.

Understand everything about Medicare Supplement plans, get your copy of handy Medigap guidelines here.

#9 Your current coverage closes

If unfortunately, your current plan closes, be it a Medicare advantage plan or another type of Medigap plan, you’ll have 63 days to get a new Medigap Plan with guaranteed issue rights.

#10 You want to avoid copays, co-insurances, and deductibles

Copays, co-insurances, and deductibles can be a real pain in the neck. Certain Medicare supplement plans cover all deductibles and most out-of-pocket costs. Just imagine how much burden it will take away from you.

#11 You want to protect your assets and finances

Of course, you want to preserve your hard earned savings and treasured assets from depleting because of your staggering medical bills and having a Medigap plan can help you with that. Having a Medigap plan is considered by most people as the best way to protect yourself from the debilitating cost of healthcare.

Final Thoughts

Always keep in mind, getting a Medigap coverage is highly personal. What is best for your best friend, your parents or someone you know may not be best for you. Take time to look at your needs to find the best supplemental insurance to have with your Medicare.

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