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Different Vehicles, Different Insurance Options

Car insurance – everyone that owns a vehicle should have it, but how should you go about selecting the right car insurance based on your vehicle type? While the basic liability, collision, and comprehensive insurance options remain the same across a spectrum of cars, insurance companies offer coverage options that greatly vary in price and conditions based on the type of vehicle you own, among a myriad of other factors.

Some of these essential factors include your driving history and education, as well as experience on the road; however many people tend to forget that they can potentially save money by switching vehicle models. Moreover, you will also get a better understanding of the type of insurance rates to expect in the future. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the different insurance options for different vehicle types so that you can get the best long-term solution for your needs.

Insuring your van or minivan

You might be under the impression that larger vehicles necessitate higher insurance costs; however, vans and minivans can actually have some of the lowest insurance premiums in the industry. Insurance companies take a myriad of factors into account when tailoring an insurance policy, among which is the specific build of the (mini)van.

These vehicles were built for safety, comfort, and all-around convenience, which immensely influences the decision-making process. Pair with this the fact that vans and minivans are usually driven by conscientious parents who have nothing but their family’s safety in mind, and the premiums drop accordingly.

Insuring an SUV

Sport Utility Vehicles are some of the most versatile, functional, and durable cars money can buy, and while older models did have their drawbacks that insurance companies frowned upon, a modern SUV car is built to last, traverse all road types, and ensure safety at all times. With that in mind, insurance companies are able to tailor more favorable insurance policies for SUV owners. Combined with a stellar driving record and adequate road experience, insurance costs are nowadays lower than ever for proud SUV owners.

Sedans and compact cars

Generally, sedans and compact cars can be insured at an affordable rate, given their small size, weight, better maneuverability, fuel efficiency, and overall safety. Insurance companies look favorably on all these elements, readily tailoring extremely affordable premiums. Some of the most popular examples of low-cost insurance vehicles from this category are the Honda CR-V, Subaru Outback, Toyota Tacoma, and the Smart ForTwo.

What about a motorcycle?

Motorcycles fall into a unique category, and while insurers generally tend to look favorably on this type of vehicle due to the short driving intervals on an annual basis (motorcycles are usually ridden during the dry, warmer seasons of the year), they also reserve the right to exclude several provisions from the insurance contract. These are usually certain personal injury protection benefits that car owners enjoy.

The reason for this is simple: motorcycles have a higher accident rate, and when an accident does occur, it tends to be very dangerous for the driver, even life-threatening. This is why a big part of the decision-making process for the insurers will be your riding experience and the number of training classes you took.

Insuring a sports car

There are plenty of considerations associated with sports cars, and most insurance companies have policies specifically designed for sports car owners, and they usually come at a hefty price. This is not only because sports cars are extremely expensive to start with, yielding high repair costs should an accident occur, but they are also associated with dangerous and even reckless driving.

Moreover, these vehicles are magnets for thieves, which only inflates the premium. The fact that they usually gulp down fuel and that safety is not the primary concern of the manufacturer leads to high insurance rates. In fact, insuring a sports car is more expensive than any other type of vehicle insurance on the market.

Get a great deal if you have a hybrid

On the flip side, hybrid cars might not be purpose-built for speed or flashy driving, but they are built with eco-friendliness in mind, and that is a big plus in the eyes of the insurers. The monetary savings, all-around reliability, and the fact that careful and mindful drivers tend to buy this type of vehicle works well in bringing down the final price of the insurance policy. What’s more, insurance companies are increasingly offering discounts on hybrid cars because of these benefits.

Insuring a truck or an RV

Finally, trucks and RVs are cumbersome vehicles that might come at a slightly higher insurance cost, but much like with SUVs, the end premium will greatly depend on the model of the vehicle. Trucks come in numerous iterations, and so do RVs, so if you have a newer model you can expect to get a lower premium than if you were driving a 20th century model. Bear in mind that you can choose specialty coverage for you RV, such as personal content and campsite liability coverage, which will increase the final price of your insurance policy.


Not all cars were created to enjoy the same insurance policy, which is why you want to assess the numerous options on the market and find the policy that truly corresponds with your vehicle type and needs. Be sure to keep these insights in mind when talking to your insurance company in order to get the most bang for your buck.

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  1. Nice post! Getting a car insurance is really a must. I see a lot of people trying to take out car insurance when they purchase a new car to reduce the costs but they don’t know how much more it would cost in case they get into an accident. I didn’t SUVs have smaller prices compared to other car types. Thanks!

  2. Nice post! Getting a car insurance is really a must. I see a lot of people trying to take out car insurance when they purchase a new car to reduce the costs but they don’t know how much more it would cost in case they get into an accident. I didn’t SUVs have smaller prices compared to other car types. Thanks!

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