Company Vehicle Security Gadgets


Nowadays, vehicles can never be totally ‘steal-proof’ from carjackers. It can potentially happen that somebody breaks into your car and steals your valuables from your company car. This can cost your company a lot of money and resources. So, here are six gadgets that will give you and your company vehicle that ‘extra insurance’ and keep the thieves at bay.

1. Put your vehicle under the lock

The cheapest and yet the most effective way of securing your company vehicle is by ‘putting it under the lock’. Namely, for thieves, breaking into a car is a fairly simple task; it just takes a broken window or a crowbar to get inside and hotwire the car and start it from the inside. However, by placing a steering wheel lock, a gear lock or a brake lock, you deny them access to your vehicle’s steering control. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also invest in a tire lock, which will make sure the thief can’t even move your car in any way. These simple gadgets will not only make it physically impossible for the thief to get away with your car, but will also act as a deterrent. When thieves see these gadgets installed on a vehicle, they simply won’t bother.

2. Security alarm system

Security alarm system

Another ingenious way of securing your company vehicle would be by upgrading your keyless lock to a remote central lock with a security alarm system. If you eventually come across a really stubborn thief who wants to steal your vehicle, even though you had previously put it under a lock, this alarm system will make them regret that decision. If your car gets broken into, an alarm will go off. This will scare them away and keep your car secure with minimal damage done to it. Also, this remote system works by a press of a button, so there’s no need to check if the alarm is activated manually, just click it.

3. Dash cam

Dash cam

In the case of your company vehicle being involved in a car accident, a dash cam will provide you with footage that can be used as evidence for car insurance claims at court. This gadget is not only great for recording everything that goes on in front of the driver, but some models can also be used to record the inside of the vehicle as well. Consequently, dash cams can be used to record footage of someone trying to break into your company vehicle or damaging it in any way, which can be crucial evidence for insurance claims. In addition, the camera itself may be enough to deter carjackers from a potential car theft.

4. GPS


Placing a GPS tracking device will not only help you reach your destination, it will also help you secure your vehicle. Specifically, in case it actually gets stolen, it will save both you and the authorities some valuable time and resources to track the stolen vehicle down by locating it through its GPS system. This way, even in the unlikely scenario of someone actually being able to bypass all the security measures you have ensured, there will probably be no financial damage done, as the car will be located and brought back to you safely.

5. Kill switch

If all else fails, try setting up a kill switch as a last resort to prevent your company vehicle from getting stolen. This method is not the easiest to install, that’s why it is reserved for people who really value their company vehicles and cannot afford to lose them at any cost. A kill switch works by cutting electricity to the fuel pump or any other critical system, thus disabling the thief’s ability to start the car without flicking the switch. Naturally, it is crucial to keep the switch out of plain sight so that the thief can’t find it. Moreover, if you install more of these with a designated order in which they have to be flicked, you’d basically be ‘encrypting’ your car with a password.

6. Car seat bag

Finally, even with all these safety mechanisms in place, you have to keep in mind that stealing a vehicle is not the only goal of robbers and thieves; they could also be interested in the valuables inside the car. As a result, this person would simply break the glass and snatch any valuables found inside, thus costing your company money. Using a bag might sound a bit silly, but it is an excellent way of hiding any valuables from plain sight. With nothing to gain, thieves won’t bother breaking inside in order to steal things that aren’t there.  

To sum up, there are various ways of keeping your company vehicle safe and secure. Whichever solution you opt for will make it very difficult for thieves to potentially steal your vehicle. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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