Cloud-based Attendance Management Software for Digital Transformation

Your antique attendance management system is still in use for managing your employee’s attendance? If the answer to this is yes then it is like using a sword in modern warfare where it will not get you anywhere and ultimately you will not be able to withstand the competition. In this world where everything you observe is data-driven in the businesses across the continents and also the ones which are serving locally.

The advancement of this has resulted in the professional world to experience a modern way that will be precisely dealing with critical information for the employees who are present in the diversified workplace. The switching to a cloud-based processing solution will help you in saving valuable time and resources of your human resource team. You must include a dedicated cloud-based attendance management software in your organization to get a high return on your investment. The digital way of tracking the presence of a workforce is the best way through which an organization can robustly manage the in and out time, exactly tracking the productive hours will be easier.

We should accept that not every employee are workaholics and dedicated towards organizational productivity which makes it compulsory for the management to eradicate possible loopholes which are present in the system for employees to cheat with an attendance. Conventionally this system was housing favoritism, buddy punching and data tampering which made a huge amount of loss-making to the company. The employees will be cheating the company is there is any possibility to it, it’s the company which has to take necessary steps in formulating an environment where they have to abide rules and regulation. Go for a cloud-based attendance management software that will be bringing following benefits to your employee processing environment.

Fast Payroll Processing

The remuneration is the most difficult part of the HR Solution which defines that the employees stay satisfied by meeting their financial deadlines and thus it will be easy for them to concentrate on work. For on-time payroll processing, the attendance data is needed which justifies the number of productive hours which are contributed by the employees in the workplace. This is tracked with various kind of biometric devices dispersed around the office premises to accurately track the time being spent on work, training, extra activities or in the canteen. It is like keeping an eye on every resources desk time to know how well they contribute. The system tracks punches from all the office location and makes the data available for the payroll module to process and execute it before the expected salary date.

Easy Integration

India is an emerging country which too has many emerging businesses widely known as startups that need to control their expenditure on a very precise basis. The cloud-based attendance management system offered nowadays provides the same level of security as they provide to MNCs but it will be way more feasible to you due to the flexible subscription plans according to a number of employees and the required services. It also has an advanced level of integration opportunities that also helps you implement the usage of your previously installed biometric devices. The database integration helps you with migrating the records in less time and effort which will save your resource utilization.

Secure and Robust

The solution being secure will help the company to eradicate possibilities of revenue loss. Implementation of cloud-based data management has resulted in the solution to be reliable as there is the end to end data encryption which will observe no loss or tampering in the information which is transmitted over the digital interface. The cascading of roles and accessibility will allow only the authorized personnel who are trusted by the company to do changes in data.

The operability is served on multiple platforms like web and mobile-based which are password protected thus enforcing the high end of encrypted and secure channels. Use of biometric and high secure device like face, retina, and voice scanner to server rooms are a robust solution to have authorized entry to premises that are confidential. With the inhouse system, it is not possible to secure the data up to such extent in a feasible price and along with this, the vendors are also guaranteeing that your information stays integrated with your organization only. No other entity can access encrypted information without your concern. 

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