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Substance abuse is a significant social issue that threatens the health, happiness, and livelihood of over 23.5 million people every year. It is estimated that only around 11% seek and receive treatment, which means that the majority are living with an active addiction. One of the reasons why individuals with addiction issues don’t seek help is insurance; most don’t have insurance to cover the cost of substance abuse treatment or the money to pay out-of-pocket. Let’s look at some ways to pay for treatment and detox; get in recovery right now.


If you are self-employed, there is a chance that you do not have health insurance coverage. Before you rule out treatment for your addiction, talk to an intake specialist who can discuss payment options and plans that help those without insurance or that are self-employed, find the treatment they need.

Insurance Verification

The first thing that happens when you call about addiction treatment is that the representative calls and verifies insurance. This ensures that your treatment is covered and that you don’t get stuck with bills that you didn’t realize you would receive.

Private Inpatient Rehab

If you plan to pay out-of-pocket for your addiction treatment, you may opt for luxury rehab; this is quality care but it does cost more. The services are top-notch and the amenities are extravagant; call us to learn more and to find out if your self-employment insurance covers any of the costs or co-pays.

Benefits for Veterans

Are you a veteran? Veteran benefits will often pay for rehabilitation, including recovery from addiction. Counseling, inpatient detox, ongoing services- all may be free for vets, but there may be limitations as to the practitioners and providers that are covered by VA insurances. Talk to a case management specialist or intake representative to learn more.

Twelve-Step Programs

Treatment looks different for everyone; if you can’t afford to enter rehab, don’t overlook free resources to help you abstain, avoid relapse, and recover from your dependency. Twelve-step meetings are free and widely accessible; start with a sponsor and a ’90/90′ strategy: 90 twelve-step meetings in a 90-day period. It is intense but it puts you in the mindset of maintaining abstinence and keeps you busy. It also helps to connect you with others at these meetings that may be a supportive network for you in sobriety.

Don’t think you can afford treatment? You can’t afford to skip treatment. Give those that care about you the gift of getting help and going into recovery, or at least making strides toward abstinence with 12-step programs or support groups. Make the investment- regardless of what it cost- in yourself and your health.

If you want more information about insurance coverage for your addiction treatment, talk to the addiction specialists at Sunshine Behavioral Health in San Juan Capistrano, California, to learn more. Their team of support professionals can help to guide and advise you in terms of paying for treatment and verifying your self-employment or other type of insurance coverage. With multiple locations and treatment centers, Sunshine Behavioral Health is waiting to help you recover from addiction; call today.

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