Argyle pink diamonds – a rarity and a great investment

As the saying goes, diamonds are forever. But pink diamonds are more than just nice to look at. Being rarer than their clear counterparts makes them a great potential investment along with being as gorgeous as they are. Their worth comes from being naturally rare, and not the product of market manipulation. Investors are setting their sights on these colorful gemstones more and more. Here are some pointers to help you get in on the pink diamond craze.

1. Get insurance

Diamonds may be forever, but keep in mind that forever can vary with these tiny, fragile gemstones if you don’t keep them safe. Accidents can happen. Much like houses, diamonds have a very high emotional and financial worth, so insuring them is of the utmost importance so that you can sleep easy at night. The type of insurance you pick is important for diamond jewelry.

A standard insurance policy will generally only cover a few thousand dollars in luxury items like diamonds, which probably won’t be close to the worth of your lost pink ones. To compensate, you should increase your premiums to cover their value. Another alternative is insuring them with a company that specializes in insuring fine jewelry. This will cover your precious gems from so-called “mysterious disappearances” and similar unfortunate accidents.

2. Check the paperwork

You know about the 4 Cs for diamonds, but there is a fifth one that might be just as important: a certificate. A diamond might be one of the more expensive things you purchase in general, so making sure it’s the real thing is extremely important. Certificates, or grading reports, will tell you everything about the diamond that the naked eye can’t see. A graduate gemologist in a high-tech lab will look at your gem with a high-powered microscope and reveal all the secrets of the diamond itself.

Every diamond should be checked out by several independent gemologist labs and given an accurate consistent grade. Based on this grade you are given a written report that accompanies your diamond. Having written proof that confirms your shiny gems’ value is definitely something to appreciate.

3. Get a warranty

Diamonds are the hardest material known to man, but they have mediocre durability for impact damage. A diamond can chip and possibly break, so a warranty will do you good. You’ll often get a warranty with the grading report of the diamond, and if not, you can purchase one. With the warranty, you can take your gem to the store you purchased it at and have it inspected or repaired. This is usually done every six months.

The settings and mountings can also be checked out as they are susceptible to damage, or the hold on the diamond can loosen. The warranty usually covers any defects in the workmanship so your diamonds will be kept secure in their setting.

4. Color is essential

Of all the attributes of a pink diamond, color takes the top spot, for obvious reasons. They can range from light to deep, intense pink; more vivid meaning higher value. Color is so important in Argyle diamonds that some collectors are advised to sacrifice clarity and size for a more vibrant color. It’s rather tricky to identify the precise shade, though. Not every person sees color the same way and estimating shade is a difficult task even for the experts.

The way the diamond is cut can enhance how you see the color itself. Keep your Argyle diamond investment worthwhile not just by picking the right color from the start, but also the cut.  The Pink Promise ring was enhanced from an intense to a vivid with just the way it was recut, making it worth even more than it was before.

5. Pick a number

If you find yourself purchasing a diamond ring, a difficult question arises: a single diamond or several? The most popular choice is still the single stone ring, also known as a solitaire ring. This is the minimalist choice and it sparkles best in natural light. Its carat weight impacts the overall cost more than individual stones that are smaller. In this case its quality over quantity.

Diamond cluster rings are coming back in style, as well. The cluster is usually the same size as a regular solitaire ring but made up of smaller stones. They are usually of smaller carat weight, but the gem in the center can be larger than the ones surrounding it. Grouping them together can make the ring seem grander than the single stone counterpart. Whatever you pick, they’ll still shine bright and look gorgeous.

In conclusion

Other than being a beautiful sight on jewelry, pink diamonds are proving to be a solid investment due to their rarity and high demand. The decrease in mining is increasing scarcity and people are trying to get in on them while they can. If you are going to invest in a diamond, might as well go for pink.

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