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One benefit of our advertisements promoting over the standard one is that its effectiveness might be simply measured. Regarding banner advertisements, the principle effectiveness indicator is the click-through fee. The click-through fee (CTR) is calculated by dividing the variety of customers who clicked on the advert by the variety of instances the advert was displayed (impressions).

For occasion, one would possibly say sure advert has a click-through fee of 3%. That signifies that out of 100 impressions delivered, the banner was clicked on thrice.

Therefore, the upper the CTR is, the more practical the commercial is. It’s that easy.

You can easy preview your Ads Stats HERE.


Why promote with us

High and Target Traffic!!
Because our world community of web sites continues to develop day by day, we mean you can regularly increase your viewers.

We can set your Ad/Banner to be displayed for particular:

  • Articles
  • Category
  • Country
  • State
  • City
  • Zip

What we are going to do for you

We will give you a particular URL which can mean you can view in “Real Time” the variety of impressions your banner (s) receives and click-through charges(ip, UserAgent, GeoLocation…).

With these “Real Time” statistics, it is possible for you to to see how efficient your advert is and assist you maximize your ROI (return on funding). If you’re working a number of Ads/Banners, these statistics will mean you can decide which Ad/Banner is handiest in bringing visitors to your website.

Cost efficient

  • CPC Plan: 1 Click = $0.50
  • CPM Plan: 1 M = $2.00
  • CPD Plan: 1 Day = $1.00

*For giant plan – low cost out there.


For extra data about present plan CLICK HERE





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