8 Ways to Make Your House Safer For Children


As parents, we do our best to keep our children safe at all times, but let’s be realistic we can’t be with them every second of every day to keep them safe, all you can do is to make sure that their house is the safest place that they can be.

Make Sure That Anything Flammable Is Out Of Reach

Unfortunately fire and smoke kill hundreds of kids every year. Kids aged 5 years and younger are affected than older kids. Don’t underestimate a toddler, they can accidentally light a match and instantly start a fire. You have to keep all the candles out of reach because they can chew on in choke on the wax. A great substitute that can’t harm the kids and are still beautiful are LED candles.

Drain-All the Water That a Child May Fall Into

Children drowning is one of the frequent safety risks for children at home. Your child isn’t safe unattended near water, it doesn’t matter if it’s the bathtub, the swimming pool or a pond. Leaving your child unattended while it is near any kind of water is not advisable. Also, just a bucket or bathtub with just a few centimetres of water can be a potential risk for your child. 

Childproof the Cables and Sockets

Young kids are drawn to unfamiliar objects that are different shapes and colours. Therefore, Electric cords and sockets will draw their attention, so make sure that you keep them away from your kids. Install safety switches that cut off power to avoid electrocution and check if all of your appliances are working correctly, and if they are not you should visit the Wholesale Appliance Supplies and purchase necessary parts and fixing the issue as soon as possible. 

As a parent, keeping electrical equipment organised is a must. Your kid can easily unplug the cord from the power strip, or stick something metal inside one of the holes, and electrocute himself. Try hiding the power strips behind furniture or buy a power-strip cover.

Mount the TV

If your child tries to climb on the TV console it will most likely tip over and fall on them. Because of that possibly it is better that you mount it on the wall. But your work is still not done. You have to make sure if they somehow manage to hand on it, the TV doesn’t come out of the wall and fall on them.

Have a Window Guard

Windows at all times should only be able to open 3 inches or be about the height of an adult and it should have a window guard. If your window is low to the floor, or you have a window seat, it’s crucial that you have a guard. Another thing you need to think about is the blind cords. It is advised that you switch to cordless blinds because more and more children have died because of their necks got looped around the cords and they got strangled. 

Low Profile Cabinets Must Be Locked 

Most households keep their cleaning products, drain openers, dishwasher detergents, and furniture polish and they are highly toxic. There are two ways you can secure the cabinets, you can use the magnetic locks or go for the traditional way and do the childproof lock. The best option of them all is just to put your toxic chemicals high up out of reach even if they climb on the counter.

Keep Your Dishwasher Locked 

This is probably every parent’s worst nightmare. Your child falling down and impaling himself with a knife that is in the open dishwasher. Therefore, keep your dishwasher closed, and store your knives with the blade facing down and leave the dishes as short as possible in the machine. Many dishwashers have a lock button, but if you don’t, you can just add the normal appliance lock.

Beware of the Choking Hazards

All parents should know that choking is the 4th leading cause of accidental death with children aged 3 years and younger. It is very important that you keep any small objects away from a child’s reach. A child will choke on stuff like safety coins, marbles, and small parts of a toy, crayons, jewellery, and deflated balloons. It’s also good that you are aware that a toddler can also choke on foods such as hot dogs, nuts, hard candies, gum, raw carrots, grapes, and popcorn.

Besides these tips, it’s advisable that you have a first-aid kit stored safely in the house. It’s always comforting if you can treat your child’s injury as quickly as you can. As a rational parent, you have to let your child run around and be active inside as well as outside your house. Your job is to protect them from any potential harm at this stage of learning and discovering.

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