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8 Best Online Games to Play When You’re Bored


Looking to kill some time? Got some stuff on your mind you want to forget about and you need a distraction? Just bored? Whatever the reason is, we’ve got you covered. Here are some fun browser-based games that you can play on your computer. You don’t need to download them, you don’t need any apps on your phone to play them, and they’re all free. Most importantly, all of these games are a lot of fun.

This is an action game where you’re dropped onto the map with a bunch of different players. You start off as a tiny snake, and you grow by eating little dots that are scattered throughout the board. As you grow, you can start to eat other snakes to steal their size and to grow even bigger. Your snake gets longer, and you can eventually wrap around other players to trap them until they’re out of moves and forced to lose.

Bloons TD

There is a lot of depth to this tower defense game. You can level up, learn abilities, unlock tons of extra towers and even additional maps to compete on. From simple tracks, to special levels, there’s so much fun to be had with Bloods TD, and that applies to any of the versions out there. It’s frustrating to get right to the end and then lose, but it’s so rewarding when you find the right combination of towers and win!


This game is really simple. You add numbered tiles together starting with 2+2, then you get a 4 tile. You add that to another 4, and you get an 8. This continues again and again, as new tiles are added to the board with each move. You’re trying to add together as many tiles as you can until you can’t make any moves. If you’re looking for something similar but more colorful, there are other options like slot games.

online game

Little Master Cricket

You may have heard of the frustrating physics games QWOP or the popular Getting over it With Bennett Foddy. Here’s another Foddy game, but it’s a lot easier to pick up and play than the aforementioned, and a lot less frustrating. It only takes a few minutes to get a reasonable feel for the controls, and this game is very fast paced, simple fun. It’s addictive enough to keep you wanting to try to beat your high score.


Here’s a browser-based remake of the game that gave birth to the entire first person shooter genre, and it’s still pretty fun to this day! It may not hold up to the games that have come since, in direct comparison, but it’s a great dose of nostalgia nonetheless. DOOM has been programmed to run on just about any device with a processor and a screen, so any desktop will be able to run it no problem. There are even wristwatches that can play DOOM!

DayMare Town

This is a very unique puzzle game. It’s creepy, hand-drawn, and will have you trying to escape the town that you are stuck in. It’s odd at first, but very easy to get sucked in as you search for clues and most importantly, as you search for a way out. Make sure you have your speakers on so you can hear it, that’s a big part of the experience.

Little Alchemy 2

This game is a sequel to the game Little Alchemy, where you start off with popular elements, and combine them in order to create new ones. Experiment, play, and uncover clever combinations as you try to assemble and create hundreds of new elements. For example, combining fire and water creates steam. Fire and earth creates lava. Water and lava creates obsidian, and so on and so forth.

guy with the headphones playing a video game on a computer

Google Feud

This is a fun take on the classic game show Family Feud. You know when you’re searching for someone on Google, and the autocomplete answers show up? This game gives you a search query, and you have to guess that the most popular search queries are. It can get pretty hilarious, and the point system makes it feel like you’re progressing as you play.

Whether or not all of these games are up your alley, we’ve made sure to play them all long enough to ensure they’re fun, high-quality, and worth spending some time checking out. There are a number of different genres on this list, so choose the ones that sound most interesting to you, and have fun!

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