6 Exquisite Landscaping Ideas for Your New Home


Congratulations! You have finally purchased a new home. Besides taking care of the interior design and the necessary insurance you need for a house; you also need to think about your yard. Whether you have a large or a small yard, having a beautiful landscape to wake up to can really improve the curb appeal.

Creating a landscape for your home can be difficult. Do these bushes go well together or you need to keep on looking for something else? If you’re struggling to create an extraordinary landscape for your new home, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these 6 exquisite landscaping ideas you can apply to your yard.

1. A breath of Mediterranean air

Cruising through the Mediterranean towns and villages, you’ve probably noticed a lot of classic and elegant landscape designs. They appear like a breath of fresh air in the place where all front yards look the same. How can you create something so unique as a Mediterranean style in your garden?

This design is well known for combining plants with different types of materials that will accent some important parts of your yard. To create such a relaxing atmosphere, think about including terra cotta pots and white statues that will remind you of ancient Roman and Greek times. Don’t forget to incorporate water fountains and intriguing plants such as lavender and ornamental grass to complete the vibe.

2. Afternoon tea in your posh garden

Who doesn’t enjoy looking at those fascinating, colourful English gardens? You can almost see posh ladies with fancy hats, sitting in their white garden chairs sipping the most delicious tea in the world. However, not every house will look as magnificent with large, flowery gardens as British ones.

This depends on the type of house you have. Large, flowery gardens simply don’t go well with overly modern houses. Any other house type is ideal for this landscaping style. Make sure you include pebbled paths and pink, white and purple flower bushes to enjoy this exquisite design.

3. Oriental Empire

Do you have a small yard and no clue how to design it? Don’t worry, you don’t have to have a large open space to have a beautifully designed landscape. Close your eyes and travel to faraway Eastern lands where rock, water and greenery are best friends.

To create a style like this, you‘ll need to combine plants of different heights for a special highlighting effect. For instance, you can see a lot of bamboo and green thujas in the best Japanese gardens. Remember to incorporate water features with water lilies and tall Japanese cherries that will turn your garden into a magical land every spring.

4. Tropical paradise

Do you want to feel like you’re on a vacation every day? Then tropical landscaping is the perfect choice for you. With bold colours and lush plants, you’ll create a relaxing yet interesting atmosphere in your yard. Does that mean that you have to live in a warm climate?

Believe it or not, there are tropical plants that are suitable for colder climates. Use a lot of tall grass and colourful large flowers to recreate this look. If you have enough space, consider planting some of the tropical fruit trees and enjoy the fruits from your garden.

5. Lawn is a new modern

Matching an extraordinary landscape design with a modern-looking house can be a challenge. If you don’t want your house to look like any other “new age” one with the garden on the roof, you should focus on landscaping your yard. How to create a modern landscape with style?

One of the first things you need to focus on is the lawn. Having a beautiful lush lawn is great, but quite boring. So, consider creating a levelled lawn that will follow the path towards the entrance of your home. To keep the lawn looking fresh at all times, make sure to have a retractable hose reel that will help you water every centimetre of your yard. In addition to that, consider implementing flowerbeds to accent the edges of your home.  

6.  Feel the heat with Spanish landscape

Living in a dry and hot climate like in Spain can really cause a lot of trouble when it comes to landscaping your yard. That’s why Spanish exterior designers have come up with a unique way of landscaping your home that is quickly gaining popularity all over the world

If you have a patio that needs to be designed, this style is ideal for you. Spanish landscaping is characterised by separating the areas with greenery and plants. That’s how you’ll create an intimate atmosphere with tall grass and beautiful flowers in your garden.


There are numerous ways in which you can create and design your outdoor space. Take into consideration your taste, space and the house you live in to create a fabulous, comprehensive landscape style in your yard. Be original and take proper care of your new home. 

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