5 Ways Modern Print Technology Can Help Your Business


In an increasingly digital world, printers are still some of the most important amenities in a workplace. No matter how much you try to move to a paperless business model, or how much you might emphasize online promotion, printing still has a vital role to play in all of your business processes, including promotion, customer acquisition, and in-house data management.

However, there is no denying that modern technology is quickly disrupting every sector in the business world, bringing smart solutions to the table in order to expedite and simplify printing processes, enable financial savings, and establish seamless connectivity and communication in a company. Here are five ways modern print technology can help your business reach new heights of success.

Boost your promotional game

One of the most important benefits of modern print technology in a growth-oriented business is its ability to boost every promotional campaign and support offline marketing efforts. From printing promotional flyers and banners, all the way to using no-cut transfer paper to apply high-res images on dark garments and all kinds of materials, modern printing methods can help you take your promotional game to the next level.

Promotional material will not only help you with your external branding efforts, but it will also help you with your internal branding, allowing you to build a winning company culture and a unified workplace. Your employees can take these materials with them and introduce your brand into their daily lives, making it a vital part of their lifestyle. In turn, you can expect your brand recognition and trust to rise over time.

Save money with green printing

Save money green

Green printing has been around for some time now, although businesses are still struggling with its implementation in the modern workplace due to a lack of a unified system. All of that has changed in recent years with the introduction of smarter, all-in-one printing systems that use less energy, can support the workload of two or more printers, and can vastly reduce the consumption of consumable materials.

These include toner and cartridge use reduction across the board, improved paper utilization due to better printing techniques, and a reduced need for costly repairs and upgrades. All of these features combined makes for an excellent green printing system that benefits the entire office. What’s more, it’s an excellent foundation for long-term financial savings.

Leveraging smart software for increased efficiency

There is no denying that the business world is slowly becoming a paperless place, and even though you need paper printing for a variety of purposes, moving towards software and digital solutions instead of physical paper would be a financially-prudent decision. The processes you want to include in this transition are the ones that don’t really require the printing of physical paper, and could in fact benefit from sharing information through a cloud-based platform.

For example, instead of wasting paper by printing out purchase orders for your accounting department, you could program the printer to create a file in a digital storage space. This will not only allow all team members to access the file immediately, but to also view it from every device, including their smartphones if they are on the go. Modern printing technology is moving towards this type of seamless digitalization, while at the same time giving employees the ability to print out these files if need be.

Improve security and sensitive data management

Ensuring the security of sensitive client and employee information such as contracts, financial records, and bank information should be your no.1 priority. However, this is not something you can easily achieve in a bustling workplace where a) everyone can try to sell some of that information online, and b) anyone can print out anything they want, including the data you’re trying to keep away from your competitors.

The modern workplace is completely connected to allow office-wide communication and the free exchange of information between sectors. Because modern printers are connected to a central network, this means that anyone can potentially pull sensitive data from storage and print it out for their personal use. With identity management, authentication, and security features such as IP filtering and PIN codes, you can prevent these security leaks and help build a secure workplace. Get yourself familiar with other cyber security practices that can protect your business.

Improve low-quality imagery with enhanced presses

Last but not least, modern printing technology aims to expedite the entire process by using smart software to enhance low-res imagery and thus save you the hassle of sourcing optimum quality images every time you need to print something for a meeting or a marketing campaign. You can choose the level and type of image enhancement, ranging from color correction to brightness and saturation, allowing you to improve an image right there on the spot.

It might be a digital world, but printers are still among the most important gadgets no modern office could do without. With these tips in mind, go ahead and upgrade your print technology for better long-term financial savings.

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