5 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing and Building a New Home


For some people, buying an ideal home is impossible. They have a vision and the only way for it to be realized is to build the whole home from scratch. It sounds good in theory, but building the perfect home is a lot harder than it looks. There are lots of things that can go wrong, even when you’re careful. Here are some of the most common mistakes homeowners make when building their homes. 

Choosing cost over quality

When designing a home, budgets are always going to be tighter than usual. No matter how well you plan it out or how organized you are, there will always be some additional unexpected costs that start eating into your budget. It’s an inevitable downside of designing a home. However, that doesn’t mean you should start cutting corners.

It helps to save a buck or two every now and then, but you should really aim for high-quality installations when building your home. More often than not, they end up being cheaper in the long run. Things don’t break down and you don’t have to make frequent repairs. Don’t skimp out on your contractors either, as they’re the ones that have to apply the quality stuff.

Not accounting for delays

Your budget won’t be the only thing to get strained by work on your home. Time is always of the essence when it comes to construction, but delays are to be expected. Even the best contractors can’t account for absolutely everything. 

No matter what kind of estimate you get, ensure you add another ten per cent to the time it will take to build the home. Even then, it’s still a conservative estimate. It’s better to not get caught off guard. Try not to plan any housewarming parties before you’re absolutely sure that the work is done.

Going overboard

Building your own home has many benefits. The main one is the ability to pick and choose what gets built. Sometimes, homeowners get a little too ambitious when it comes to the scope of their dream home. 

Going overboard with the project can lead to some unnecessary changes that will cost you additional time and money. Plus, you could end up with a lot of extra space that won’t be utilized properly. Overbuilding can be detrimental to the home’s image if it’s built-in a neighbourhood full of smaller houses. Looking out of place might not be a big deal, but your home will stand out in a bad way.

Choosing the wrong materials

Building a home is a lot more complicated than it looks. Often, contractors will allow you to make some specific choices when it comes to the materials used in construction. The most quintessential materials that determine the integrity of the home are off the table, but you can make a lot of stylistic design choices.

You have to start the building off right. Stick to the most recommended high-quality formwork materials before you make any other decisions. This will allow the building to continue without issues. Afterwards, choose the materials that will adorn your floors and walls. Stairs are another element that has countless options for building. Consult your architect before making your decision and you’ll get both safe and attractive results.

Neglecting lighting options

Your home might not look like much while it’s being built, but there’s a lot that you can gauge with just the framework and basic layout. For one, you can get a good idea of how space is distributed throughout the home. What a lot of people miss is how they’re going to install lighting to match it.

The lights need to be able to cover every surface without looking out of place. Plus, you need to give your home an adequate amount of natural lighting so that rooms don’t feel cramped and unpleasant. Windows are a very important element to consider.


Building your ideal dream home is made a lot easier when you’re well-prepared for the task. Avoid making these common mistakes and you’re going to find that building your home will end up being a breeze.

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