5 Essentials You Don’t Even Know You Need For Your First Apartment


Moving to your first apartment is one of the greatest milestones in life. It’s the time when you take your life into your hands and you become more independent than ever. Taking full control over your time and life is amazing and, if done properly, it can make you feel better than ever. If you feel like you don’t know how to start your life at the new apartment, make sure to find out how to equip the apartment properly, before you get in there. Here are all the essentials you’ll need in your first apartment. 


Whether you already love cooking or you’re about to start your cooking journey, you’ll need the appropriate kitchenware to prepare the most delicious meals in your new apartment. When it comes to the pots and pans, you’ll need one large or medium frying pan, one small and one large pot. One medium-size casserole dish will suffice for oven-safe dishes and you should also have one large cookie sheet.

When you’re done with the meal preparation, you’ll need something to eat with. You should have two plates and two bowls, and you should have two forks, knives, and spoons as well. When it comes to the glasses, start by four water glasses and one mug. If you’re a coffee-lover, you shouldn’t forget about the coffee maker or French press. No apartment will feel like a home with one of these things. You shouldn’t forget a kettle for tea either.

When you start getting the utensils, make sure to start with one serrated knife, one chef’s knife, and one paring knife. A spatula and one large spoon will also be irreplaceable in your kitchen. For a cutting board, you can get one made of silicone, plastic, or wood, depending on your preferences. You shouldn’t forget the measuring cups and spoons. One set of each will help you make any delicious meal perfectly. 

One set of oven mitts is also essential if you want to keep your safety at high levels all the time in the new kitchen. You’ll need four to six dish towels for the beginning. If you don’t own a dishwasher, make sure to get one dish drying rack. Finally, you’ll need to dispose of your trash somewhere, which means that you should get one garbage can as well.

None of these things has to be top quality. For starters, it’s important to have them at your new home, even if they’re not the best ones out there. Ensure to work under your budget and equip the kitchen properly. After you’ve settled, you can move to get other important things such as a toaster oven, cake pans, microwave, food processor, and serving dishes.

Cleaning supplies

Living in your own apartment can be pretty fun, but it can also come with great responsibility. You may suddenly start paying much more attention to not spill liquids or not allow any dust bunnies to appear. All this is pretty logical since you’ll be the one doing all the cleaning.

When it comes to cleaning, some stuff is just irreplaceable. For instance, both kitchen-size and small garbage bags should be in your apartment. You won’t be able to do any cleaning unless you get the broom, dustpan, and sponges on time. Make sure to separate the sets of sponge for dishes and for cleaning to keep the hygiene at high levels. Soft rags, microfiber cloths, anti-bacterial wipes, and paper towels will also be the things you’ll need as soon you move to your own place.

Don’t forget about the bucket and the mop, if the floors are hard-surfaced. You don’t have to get a big vacuum right away, but you should have at least the handheld one. A bathroom cleaning spray, a multi-purpose spray, and a wood cleaner for any wood surface in the apartment will also be necessary. Make sure to get enough laundry detergent, dish soap, and baking soda, as well as white vinegar. Finally, a bar of hand soap and rubber gloves will make the list complete.

When it comes to other important stuff, that isn’t as necessary, you should by a better vacuum cleaner, some furniture polish, and a microfiber sweeper. 

Bedroom essentials

The next stop in your apartment is the bedroom. You’ll need to create a comfortable space for you to rest in and make sure that it has all you need to make that happen. Next to a good mattress, you’ll also need some cute sheets, at least one set or two. Of course, you’ll need some pillows and it’s good to get two for start. 

You can get a mat and make sure that you save time on cleaning the room. All you need to do is visit Mat Shop and see what the best fit is for you. Another thing you’ll most definitely need is a comforter or a duvet. You should also get one lamp since lighting really is essential. Make sure to think about the storage units on time as well. A dresser, some plastic organizers, and under-the-bed containers could be all your bedroom needs.

Another thing you’ll need is a laundry hamper and you should, of course, get a couple of hangers for the closet. After a while, you should buy some throw pillows, curtains, bed frames, and a bedside table. Even though these things are important, you’ll be able to survive without them with no problem.

Bathroom necessities

The first things you’ll need to buy are the classic toiletries such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, and body wash. Next to these things, you’ll also need some bath towels, at least two in the beginning. You’ll also need two head and face towels. One shower curtain and a wall hook will also be very important parts of your new bathroom.

If you don’t have a toothbrush case, you could simply use a plastic cup. However, you should do your best to wash it regularly and make it a perfect storage space for your toothbrush. The bathmat is the thing that will help you clean the bathroom more efficiently as soon as you get it. A toilet brush and a plunger are also needed in any bathroom. Finally, get the toilet paper and a small trash can and your toilet will be ready.

The things that are good to have but not so necessary in the beginning are the fancy soap dispenser and a water cup. You could always invest in some more storage space and get a great shower speaker. 


Finally, there are some pieces of furniture that you simply cannot live without. Pieces of furniture are usually big in size, but they are also big as investments. That is why you should be pretty careful when it comes to furniture purchasing. Even though it seems like every piece is essential, that is not very true. While some are extremely important, the rest is optional, especially if you have a low budget.

You’ll definitely need a sofa for a start, no matter how big or small the apartment is. Another pretty important thing is the coffee table. You’ll also need a piece for you to eat on and a small dining room table could perfectly do the trick. Of course, you’ll need some chairs as well. Finally, you should invest in some additional lighting. 

Since these things are supposed to last long, make sure to choose the furniture wisely. If something is too expensive for you at the moment, it’s better to wait for a good deal than to get something cheaper and lower in quality. After a while, when you recover financially, you could get some throw blankets, plants, and curtains. A well-organized space also contains some artwork, sound system, TV, and stand. Accessories are pretty big in home décor, but you can live without them so leave that for later. 


Moving to your own apartment is pretty interesting. You learn a lot and you grow immensely. Luckily, you won’t be lost when it comes to the moving day, thanks to this ultimate guide that will help you get everything you need in your first apartment.

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