5 Avoidable Mistakes That Take Thousands off Prices of Houses


When it comes to selling a home, so many factors come into play. In many respects, the real estate industry in London is a fine art, it is a balancing art designed in unique ways to ensure that your house is well displayed in the best light. When valuing your property, note that even the smallest thing can make a huge difference when it comes to securing a suitable sale. You can put many things in place and it will help to boost the overall value and the missteps that will end up costing you much more.

When evaluating the price of your home, so many things come into play, some of which you actually have no control over, including the location of the house, the overall square footage, the quality, number of bathrooms and bedrooms or proximity of local schools and hospitals. As you make your mind to sell, there are aspects you can manipulate to ensure it leads to a higher overall market value of your property.

However, before you go through all the formalities of contacting your estate agents in East Dulwich and listing down your property, you have to ensure that you keep some things under control. These include:

1. A Fresh Paint Coat

If your property gets a fresh coat of paint, this adds so much more to the “kerb appeal,” which sells about more than half of the homes on the property market. You can apply a fresh coat of paint over walls that have faded, cracked and flaky paint and this works wonders to boost the value of your house. When you choose the colour you wish to choose, you should remember that your taste in colours could be incredibly subjective. You have to stick to some neutral colours like beige, cream, and white to make your property appear larger and neat.

2. Tend to Your Outdoor Garden

You may assume that the appeal and quality of your outdoor garden is something relatively unimportant and trivial when compared to the interior of your property. However, keep in mind that this is not actually true. Just assuming that you have a front garden, which is the first thing your guests see, you need to instil a good first impression. An overgrown garden and rotting fence covered in weeds will surely not evoke a good first impression.

Estate agents like the ones at Fish Need Water often inform people that an overgrown garden with weed carpeted around and rotting fence will not evoke a positive reaction the same way that a neat and well-manicured lawn should. Know that if you do not have enough time to tend to your garden, you can spend your money to hire some professional; it is well worth the expense that you get the precise you are hoping to receive.

For the best optimal results, you should de-clutter your property and your lawn off personal items like decorative water features, and garden gnomes. To attract prospective buyers, you should go for an open and untouched look. In particular, this will appeal to buyers with children, who can better image their little ones playing around in the garden.

3. Clear Your House

The fact remains that clutter has a way of tarnishing or destroying equity. Even if you enjoy having some particular look around your house, stacked with shelves and an abundance of different objects around your room, this has a way of distracting all your buyers and preventing them from appreciating your property truly. According to research, as much as 20% of buyers put off unnecessary items like photographs, teddy bear collections and dolls, and about 11% actively avert their gaze in presence of such items. Know that your goal is to ensure your home appears as spacious and neat as possible, so you should clean all countertops, put bulky pieces of furniture and unnecessary objects in storage.

4. Not Pricing Your Property Well

Now, overpricing is a huge mistake that most sellers make and this could cost you the sale of your property. In most cases, people think that overpricing their property will help them use the quote and negotiate a price that is lower. However, when you overprice a housing property in London, it will take longer to sell and the longer it will remain on the property market and the more house hunters will be suspicious that there is a reason why your property has not snapped up. If you need some help to determine whether your property has a good value, contact estate agents in your area for a complete evaluation!

5. Upgrade Your Kitchen

Old-fashioned kitchens seriously have the power to detract customers from the value of your property. If you are willing to put in efforts to renovate your kitchen with modern appliances, you will notice an 80% return. Note that even the smallest change can make a huge difference. You should ensure that you have new countertops, clean kitchen towels; clutter-free counters, and install bright lighting.

The best ways to selling price of your property is by following these tips. You can always consult estate agents along the way as well, who can further guide you on the best ways you can increase the value of your home.

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