4 Amazing Bathroom Renovation Tips for This Season


Many homeowners are looking to overhaul their bathroom this season and for good reasons. It’s a solid investment that can increase the value of your home while also providing a bit of extra luxury for you and your family. With how diverse and functional the bathroom is, it’s hard to know where to start with renovations. If you’re short on ideas, here are a few that might be just what you need for your bathroom.

1. Go all out on storage options

There are few rooms in your home that need as much storage as the bathroom does. This is where you keep all of your hygiene products and cleaning agents. Everything from your conditioner to the washing powder is stored in the bathroom, and this often leads to a lot of clutter. If you don’t have places to put them, they end up on the floor, washing machine, or just about anywhere you can place them.

Having adequate storage options reduces the need for keeping things all over your bathroom and makes for a cleaner and more organized space. Install vanities and cabinets wherever you can and get creative with other kinds of storage. Add hooks to the bathroom door to keep your towels and bathrobes out of the way. Make room for a single large cabinet that stretches to the ceiling. Keep all your essentials out of sight and out of mind and you’ll have a much nicer view whenever you enter the bathroom.

2. Choose interesting tiles

The classic square tile is a staple of most bathrooms, but it’s slowly going out of style. There are countless other options that you can choose from to make your bathroom look more unique and inviting. 

This season, hexagonal tiles have become particularly popular. This honeycomb shape gives your walls a unique and contemporary look that is worthy of envy. Not to mention, they can be combined with square tiles to create gorgeous patterns on your walls. Consider for a single file of hexagonal tiles along the middle line of the bathroom wall and connect it from one side to the other. It’s going to make for a nice display.

3. Save on water with fixtures

If you want to save on your water bills, the bathroom is the first room you have to take care of. It’s the primary room in which all your water expenditures are made, other than the kitchen. While using water is essential in the bathroom, how much water you use depends on the fixtures you have installed. 

Choose low-flow options for all of your fixtures. Everything from the main faucet to the shower handle that you use. It’s going to reduce the amount of water you use while keeping the pressure and usefulness of the fixtures consistent. Low flow toilets with bidet attachments are great options for water savings. Bidets use a minimal amount of water while reducing the need for frequent flushing. 

A bidet is relatively easy to install as well. Use a t adaptor to connect your bidet to the system and enjoy a much more efficient bathroom system. You don’t even need a professional to install one, as all the instructions are simple and the spare parts come included with a bidet.

4. Splurge on finishing touches

Bathroom renovations aren’t complete without the finishing touches that add charm and personality to the room. Choose finishes like marble or granite for your countertop to give an air of sophistication to your bathroom. 

Tub and sink materials can be made to be both attractive and practical. To prevent accidents, you can introduce non-slip materials to your tub and make it safer. These materials can come in different colours, so you can customize the look of your bathroom with ease. Non-porous and insulating materials should be used for various surfaces that come into contact with water to keep them intact. Plus, the extra insulation will keep water hot for longer periods, saving on energy costs.


Bathroom renovations are an important part of investing in your home. Whether you want to make the bathroom more comfortable for you and your family or you want to increase its value, you’re going to need to make some changes. Consider some of the above examples and your bathroom will look and feel the part of a luxurious oasis for anyone that goes inside.

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