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VIDEO: 10 interesting facts about car insurance | PART 1


  1. The Toyota Sienna Minivan has one of many lowest yearly premiums in comparison with all different automobiles.
  2. The Honda Fit EV will add free collision insurance to your complete lease interval.
  3. The sort of car you drive impacts the way in which that you just drive and your premiums.
  4. Buying a brand new car will certainly enhance your insurance premiums.
  5. Individual US states like Connecticut have bigger insurance markets than whole international locations comparable to Brazil and Sweden.
  6. Travelers Insurance wrote the primary car insurance liability coverage in 1897.
  7. The web allowed for premiums to lower dramatically as a result of ease of evaluating quotes.
  8. Married drivers have much less accidents and due to this fact get the married low cost as a consequence of decrease danger.
  9. Car insurance premiums was once priced evenly, then they started assessing danger which lowered premiums for good drivers.
  10. There are insurance insurance policies centered for feminine solely drivers.

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  1. As you are a car owner you must know the necessity of insurance. Experts suggest not to touch the steering until your vehicle is insured or the existing insurance is renewed. The insurance schemes vary with insurers. The premiums also differ according to the age of the vehicles. Married drivers can easily get insured their car as reports say they face less accidents as compared to bachelors. You have to also consider the accountability of the garage that works for the insurer to repair your car.

  2. My advice: shop around for the best insurance that fits your budget and need. Some people may think partial coverage is okay and some might do full but what most people never do is finding out if you’re overpaying for your insurance and premiums.

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