What will work better: residential solar panels or wind turbines for the residence? A great deal will be based upon the region where you live as well as the weather conditions there. Here we will check out the pros and cons of both starting off with the benefits of solar panels.

Solar panel pros:

1) Although commercial solar electricity systems are even now relatively expensive, the expenses are coming down. Best of all, your can assemble photo voltaic panels pretty easily and for roughly around $100 each. The actual construction of a photo voltaic panel is really really simple. You possibly have all or most of the tools you’ll have to have in your garage.

2) Solar panels are very easily added as time goes by. If you start with a smaller array, even one or two panels, you’ll be able to add to it as your time and money permit. Do not think as though you need to install an entire solar system to your property all at once. Get started now and at some point you’ll have a solar powered house. With every single panel you put up, you’ll have to buy less electricity from the utility company.

Solar panel cons:

1) Photo voltaic panels do not function at night. This isn’t a real disadvantage if you are still connected to the electrical grid. You’ll be able to buy electrical power at night and sell electricity you produce back to the power company in the day time. This ebb and flow of electrical power translates into no electric bill to pay each month.

2) Climate can be a limiting factor. Residential solar energy will work far better in Phoenix than it will in Seattle, but the fact is there’s adequate sunshine in almost every city and state inside the United States to make your own solar energy feasible.

Wind turbine pros:

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1) Like solar, after your wind turbine for your residence is installed and operating, the maintenance is minimal. You can even construct your own wind turbine for under $150. Commercial wind turbines would cost a lot more, but if you know how simple they are to assemble there’s no reason to buy commercially.

2) Wind turbines for homes generate power day and night, whenever the wind is blowing. Like solar, some locations are going to be much better than others but wind power generators are absolutely realistic in most areas of the country.

Wind turbine cons:

1) A rooftop wind turbine could be a bird hazard. On occasion birds fly into the blades of rooftop wind turbines and are injured or killed. The hazard is really no more than the smaller windmills you see for irrigation on farms. The bird hazard is actually significantly more a concern with large wind farms situated in major bird migration routes like the ones in Southern California.

2) Wind turbine generators make noise. Unlike a residential solar panel which is 100 % silent, a residential wind generator will make a whoosh whoosh sound as it spins.

Whichever you decide on, photo voltaic or wind power, you’ll be a winner and so will the environment. You will have lower or no electric bills and there will be less carbon dioxide spewed into the atmosphere. And here’s a thought for your future: Nissan now sells an all electric vehicle, the Leaf, and many more car manufacturers will have them in the foreseeable future. Imagine never having to pay for gasoline once you generate your own power at home.

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