InsureZero Blog is offering a free service to all Vendors in North America for additional exposure and publicity.

If you would like to write your own article for one of the five categories below, it will be published on InsureZero Blog.

All of these articles will include your contact information. These articles will be treated just like any other we publish. It will go out in our Daily Headline Email Message (sent to approximately 20,000+ emails).

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  • New post should have relevant information for this blogInsureZero Blog its an Insurance/Finance Blog so, only accepting Insurance/Finance articles.
  • Please include your contact informationa) Your name, company/institution and positionb) Your e-mail address, telephone number and other relevant contact details
  • Embargo informationIf an embargo is in place for the article, please include the date and time that the embargo is due to be lifted, together with the timezone.
  • FundingPlease ensure that details of any funding sources for the study/research are included within the media release.
  • ReviewersIf your study has been reviewed, or peer-reviewed, we ask that the reviewers declare any competing interests related to the content of the study.

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