This Christmas there’s plenty of scope for things to go wrong, whether its presents being stolen or your car being involved in an accident with the icy conditions on the roads. It’s no surprise that the insurance industry will receive thousands of claims in the days following Christmas and for many reason, some being as mundane as those previously mentioned but sometimes the reasons can be a little odd.

One common claim is unfortunately something that can ruin many people’s Christmas’ and it’s stolen presents, it is a pretty despicable to think that people prey on the fact that you’ll have even more valuables hidden away in your house and so are more likely to take a chance and break in.

Making sure that you have adequate insurance and not leaving presents on display and you are less likely to get targeted. Having a visible burglar alarm on the side of your house in a prominent place will also help keep the thief walking past your house rather than trying their luck.

contents insurance would cover incidents like this but they also cover some incidents that can be caused by yourself or a family member this Christmas. Admittedly some of these claims can get a bit outlandish and so sometimes it is tougher to make a claim as many insurers will make a lot of enquiries to make sure you aren’t lying.

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You would be surprised what crazy stories home insurance companies have heard form their customers from turkeys falling on to carpets and ruining them to people throwing video game controllers through the television set. It’s important that should you need to make a claim this Christmas to not embellish the truth and make sure you have any receipts for damaged goods to hand as you may need to inform your insurer of the value of the goods as sometimes they may only cover the current value if you have no evidence that you paid more.

There are typically plenty of claims made around Christmas and so many insurance providers will add an extra 25% to the sum that home and contents insurance policies cover. So no matter how strange the mishap you don’t need to worry an excessive amount about paying for accidents as they are usually covered.

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