Knowledge is power and when it comes to getting affordable Alabama home insurance, it could not be any truer. After the Katrina, a lot of things changed for Alabama home insurance. Deals are not as many as they are used to due due to the millions of dollars many insurance companies lost in lawssuits and claims. These few tips will help you get more for less.

1) It is very important that you check "Section I Exclusions" to make sure you have coverage from natural disasters. Many home owners got the worst shock of their lives after the Katrina when they were told that the were not really covered from "Acts of God." Please, do yourself a favor and check well. If in doubt, ask your agent.

2) You can get affordable Alabama home insurance if you install a sprinkler, get a good fire system, have a good security system and take time out to maintain your yard. These will lower your home insurance premium.

3) Read and update your information on Alabama home insurance. You can do that by visiting your local library or by visiting Alabama Department of Insurance Property & Casualty Insurance Division at 334-241-4145, or online at

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4) Make sure you verify an insurer's license before signing the dotted lines. Take some time out to find out how they treat claims. You do not want to get hooked with an insurer who will abandon when you need them most. Get these also at the Alabama Department of Insurance & Casualty Insurance Division.

5) Do intensive comparison shopping. Visit at least three home insurance quotes sites (that cover the state of Alabama) and obtain quotes from them. I recommend at least three quotes sites because this will ensure you do not miss offers not presented on any of the sites. However, make sure you input exactly the same information in each of these quotes sites.

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